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How To Boost Nail Growth Today!

It's Time To Grow!

Everyone wants strong and voluminous nails, but sometimes it’s easy to forget that before you can properly care for longer nails, you need them to GROW! This is one of the most underrated aspects of NAIL CARE, and something you need to remember as you begin to go out and show off your nails this spring and summer.

And though it seems impossible to make your nails grow faster, there ARE ways you can provide them with the right environment for growth, as well as help them look better as they grow in. It's also important you remember awesome nail health has a direct effect on your hands, helping them to look healthier and feel stronger too. (1)

Thankfully, it’s never been easier to enjoy FASTER NAIL GROWTH because of the right habits and ALL-NATURAL PRODUCTS. And not only will these products help boost the GROWTH of your nails, they'll also STRENGTHEN them to allow you to do more this spring!

In this blog we talk about how to boost nail growth, and how to enjoy HEALTHIER and STRONGER nails today!






Want longer & stronger nails?




The first thing to note is that boosting nail growth won't help much if your nails look unhealthy and function poorly. One quick and easy way to counter this and grow them faster is by MOISTURIZING. This is often overlooked because people don’t always realize that much of the attention you give your skin also has to be paid to your nails.

It also won’t help facilitate nail growth if you don’t take care of your nails once you have them. This means not damaging them or using them for reasons other than what they’re intended for. This will help to keep them from breaking, and can also help preserve the health of your hands. (2)

It’s also important to take care of the rest of your body. This will help you recognize what healthy nails should look like. The best way to recognize if your nails are healthy is by seeing if they’re bent or contain uneven patches. It’s also important to make sure your nails are not soft. (3)


QUICK TIP: To enjoy healthy, long nails, you need to make sure they don’t break! Enjoy nails you can count on day in and day out with the moisture of GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL CUTICLE OIL! (4)


Another way to enjoy nail growth is by choosing the right ALL-NATURAL NAIL CARE PRODUCTS. One product that can help you achieve your nail goals is CUTICLE OIL. The reason cuticle oil helps so much is because your nail comes through under the skin on the other side of your cuticle. This makes it super important you boost the health of the barrier of your cuticle. (5) (6)


It's not enough to just have longer nails - you also want them to be healthy! Enjoy longer and healthier nails today with the essential oils in GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL CUTICLE OIL!


It’s also important to know what not to use. Don't use abrasive and artificial chemicals and ingredients on your cuticles, which can cause an absence of moisture in two very important areas of your body – your nail plate and cuticle.(5) (6)

Although it’s true that it can take a while to grow longer nails, you can hasten the amount of time it takes to see longer nails by cutting those things that can cause your nails not to grow. Say no to chemicals and opt for those natural things that can boost your nail growth, such as Vitamin E. (7)



For instant moisture that will help boost nail growth, check out GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL CUTICLE OIL, a moisturizing blend of Vitamin E, essential oils, and natural oils that will remedy dry skin and cuticle damage, and strengthen your nails quickly!



Try The Following Varieties!





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We previously mentioned how important it is to have healthy nails to facilitate nail growth, but it’s just as important you grow your nails the RIGHT WAY. And you can do this with ESSENTIAL OILS. And one of the best essential oils to build your nails is LAVENDER.

Lavender is great at hydrating your nails and keeping them from drying out. It’ll also allow you to re-nourish those nails that are weak and suffering, and allow you to keep potentially delicate nails from breaking. Another great perk of lavender is that it can boost the fortitude of your nails, keeping them stronger for an extended period of time. (8)


One of the keys to healthier nails is moisture! Boost the hydration and health of your nails today with GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL CUTICLE OIL!


Lavender also helps to soothe nails that are already causing you a good deal of trouble. Nails that are scaly and suffering from inflammation can experience relief from lavender, simultaneously adding loads of benefits you can feel across your body, fighting future problems and facilitating future nail growth. (9)


QUICK TIP: Activities can damage the health of your fingernails and hands, such as household chores and those involving water. Protect your nails from dehydrating and sustained activity-related damage with the ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS in GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL CUTICLE OIL today! (10)


Aside from wanting your cuticles to grow longer, you also want them to perform. This means enhanced flexibility and increased hydration. You also want a healthier nail bed, and to ensure healthy nails that won’t deteriorate with regular use.

It’s also important you consider nail care as an addition to your DAILY ROUTINE. This is a good opportunity to remind you of the importance of a daily skincare routine, one you can rely on to ensure hydrated and healthy skin, just as you want hydrated and healthy nails. (11) (12)

And although we mentioned how important essential oils are for ensuring healthier nails, it’s important that your essential oils are of STRONG QUALITY. These essential oils will protect the structure of your nails, while fighting the debilitating effects of external factors hindering your nails, such as the weather. (13)



Your nails aren't the only things that need moisture. Boost the hydration of your nails, skin, and hair today with the 100% ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS in GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL ARGAN OIL, a lightweight serum specifically formulated to nourish your body with Vitamin E, omega fatty acids, and linoleic acids!




Want longer & stronger nails?









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