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Prevent Dry and Cracked Feet This Winter!

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From dry hands and dry lips, to acne breakouts and eczema flareups, we all know our bodies are vulnerable in winter. But there is an often overlooked part of your body that’s super susceptible to winter dryness, and that’s your feet.

In fact, a lack of moisture is the reason many suffer from cracked feet. And this is not a simple or minor problem. When your feet are chapped, rough, and dry, your feet are even more vulnerable to dryness and cracking as a result of other factors, such as pressure, aging, and other contributing skin problems and conditions. (1)

But thankfully, this debilitating issue is not a problem anymore, as there IS a way you can PREVENT CRACKED FEET this winter, while simultaneously BOOSTING THE HEALTH of your NAILS and HANDS!

In this blog we talk about the dangers of dry and cracked feet, how to prevent them, and how you can enjoy SMOOTH and HEALTHY FEET all winter long!





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If you have suffered from dry or cracking feet in the past, you know that this isn’t just a small problem, but one that can leave even your most mundane activities debilitating, making many sufferers want to simply stay in bed all day. And among the most common of these foot problems are cracked heels, also known as heel fissures.

The first thing to know about heel fissures is that everyone is vulnerable to getting them, especially during winter, when indoor heating and dry air can cause your skin extra stress and damage. These conditions may also harden the bottoms of your feet, changing what seems to be the composition of your skin. (2)

It’s also important to note that dry and cracking feet also extend to the sides of your feet. This is because your whole foot is vulnerable when there is a crack, as cracks can often run deep, spread, and lead to foot bleeding, and even skin ulcers in those with diabetes, where dangerous complications can lead to further long-term and short-term health risks and consequences. (3)


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Considering winter dryness and subsequent dry skin is potentially the reason for your seasonal cracked feet, the solution to preventing dryness this season is MOISTURE. That is why MOISTURIZING your feet after washing, which should also not be overlooked, is so important, as fungi accumulate in warm, dark, and moist environments.


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MOISTURIZING your feet after washing is also important because the deeper the fissures in your feet are, the more likely it is that you can develop a bacterial or fungal infection, which can lead to more feet problems you definitely don’t want. Also be sure to spread the moisture, as clumps can linger on your skin and be problematic too. (5)

But here’s something that many people might not want to hear: no matter how cold it is outside, you need to limit your showers to no more than five to ten minutes. This can help not only alleviate some of the pressure and pain of standing on your feet, but can also protect the skin on your feet from drying you out further and from causing your cracks to worsen. (6)



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Many of you already know this, but it’s worth mentioning again: dry and cracked feet is not just a seasonal problem. Many experience debilitating foot problems year round, including those with neuropathy, circulation problems, and diabetes who are extra susceptible to the worsening of skin conditions and winter feet problems. One of these reasons is temperature.

Your extremities are just generally more at risk during winter, as cold air naturally leads to slower circulation of blood to your feet and hands in an attempt by your body to protect your core and bodily temperature and health. This is why it’s extra important you take the time to STRENGTHEN your feet to fight the lack of defense your body has during winter. (7)

It’s also important to remember that your entire body is connected, so taking care of the rest of your body will lead to better feet health too! This is why it’s super important you drink plenty of fluids, MOISTURIZE often, and avoid harsh, dangerous over-the-counter soaps and body washes. (8)


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Another potential catalyst for dry and cracked feet is simply the aging of your skin, made worse by dryness and an excessive exposure to water. This is why it’s more important than ever that you MOISTURIZE your feet, especially if you’re beginning to notice more dry skin and wrinkles. It’s also why you should limit water exposure, which can harm your skin's natural oil.


Cracks in your feet can make a simple walk seemingly impossible. Enjoy healthier feet and pain-free walks all winter long with GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL BODY BUTTER!


It’s also best to not reverse the effects of the extra moisture and protection you’re giving your feet by walking with bare feet across wood and tile floors. Walking without protection on these harder surfaces can make worse the lack of foot protection, causing cracking and worsening the cracks too. (10)

Another thing you can do to protect your vulnerable feet this winter is to simply have a change of perspective and mindset when it comes to your feet. For example, taking the time each day to soften your skin by soaking your feet for around ten minutes before EXFOLIATING and MOISTURIZING can help ward off the dangerous cracks that can arise in winter. (11)



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Want healthy, hydrated feet this winter?

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