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Summer Sage: The Summer Soap You Need Today!

Summer Sage Is All The Rage!


These days, it can be difficult to find that soap that fits exactly with the vibe and mood of summer, while still pleasing your senses, soothing your skin, and providing you that thorough cleansing you want at the end of long summer nights and days in the sun.

Making matters worse is that today there are tons of over-the-counter bar soaps that are manufactured in artificial ways, catering to specific people and skin types, while ignoring everyone else. (1)

But there is ONE ALL-NATURAL SOAP that promises to not only moisturize and soften your skin, but also provide you with summer vibes and a chill feeling you'll be enjoying all summer long.

In this blog we talk about why SUMMER SAGE SOAP is the perfect soap for your mind, body, and soul this summer!





Want To Savor Summer With Every Wash?

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When I say SUMMER SAGE SOAP, the first thing you're probably wondering is what in the world does summer smell like. Well, the smell of our SUMMER SAGE SOAP not only takes you to your favorite summer spot, but also provides you innumerable health benefits.

As a matter of fact, smelling and burning sage - also called smudging - is an ancient spiritual ritual providing antimicrobial benefits capable of fending off fungi, viruses, and bacteria. (2)

The scent of sage is also considered to lift your mood and balance your body and mind, which is exactly the relaxing, stress-free, purifying scent you need after a chill summer day. (3)


FUN FACT: Smelling sage triggers your olfactory system, bringing you calmness and balance. GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL SUMMER SAGE SOAP has light floral base notes with sage and green top notes, bringing you a soothing and relaxing wash each day! (4)


Another attribute you want in your favorite summer soap is the ability to protect your skin from all the dangerous summer irritants and pollutants that can damage your skin. And in summer, there are a lot of them.

Our SUMMER SAGE SOAP contains olive oil, which not only protects against environmental damage, but also protects against inflammation, irritation, and premature aging. (5)

Olive oil is so jam packed with healthy fats, antioxidants, and vitamins that our SUMMER SAGE SOAP first moisturizes your skin, then locks in that moisture, keeping you looking and feeling your youthful best all day long. (6)


For that fresh and clean feeling you'll be enjoying all summer long, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Summer Sage Soap Bar, which is handcrafted and cold-pressed to ensure every summer wash is exactly the way you want it!



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Another great ingredient in the best soaps, such as our SUMMER SAGE SOAP, is shea butter. Shea butter is a proven skin hydrator capable of soothing and nourishing your skin, while also protecting you from the harsh temperatures of summer.

And if you're like so many people and suffer from dry skin during the summer months, shea butter will boost your skin with radiance and softness to keep you looking and feeling your best all summer long. (7)

Shea butter may also be related to your collagen production and breakdown process, which makes it an essential part of your DE-AGIFYING SKINCARE ROUTINE. (8)


FUN FACT: Shea butter absorbs into your skin without clogging your pores! Enjoy the amazing moisturizing power of shea butter without the breakouts by using GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL SUMMER SAGE SOAP today! (9)


Another great ingredient in our SUMMER SAGE SOAP is sea salt, which is more than just a small addition to your favorite summer cleanser. In fact, sea salt contains a slew of skincare benefits.

First, sea salt naturally exfoliates, removing dead skin cells from your skin and boosting the production of healthy skin cells, which is why your skin is so smooth at the end of long beach days. (10)

Sea salt also contains awesome skin-boosting minerals and elements, such as chloride and sodium, which naturally clean your skin, reduce acne-causing bacteria, and balance your oil production. (11)


Feel refreshed and smell your best all summer long with the premium, all-natural ingredients found in Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Summer Sage Soap Bar, which boosts your immune system with the antibacterial and antioxidant benefits your body needs!




Want To Savor Summer With Every Wash?

Get 15% off our SUMMER SAGE SOAP today!





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