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Surprising Places You Should Apply Deodorant!

Spray Away The Stank Today!


Many people think applying deodorant begins and ends with their underarms. But did you know there are other places you should be applying your ALL-NATURAL DEODORANT that will not only help boost your smell, but your overall bodily health too?

That's right! And although the most common place to apply deodorant is under your arms, there are other places you can apply deodorant that can not only help fend off body odor, but also fight irritation and other skin problems you don’t want. (1)

With ALL-NATURAL DEODORANT and surprising new research, there are now even more ways you can apply your deodorant to help you SMELL YOUR BEST and achieve your GREATEST SKIN HEALTH EVER, starting today!

In this blog we talk about the importance of ALL-NATURAL DEODORANT, and other places you can apply it to achieve your BEST SMELL and GREATEST HEALTH today!





Want to be odor-free all over?



When you think of sweat, you probably think of your underarms. This makes sense, as our underarms are usually the sweatiest areas of our body. But if you think of it, some of the reason our armpits are so sweaty – hair, being covered, moisture – apply to other areas of our body too. This is why it’s so important to apply ALL-NATURAL DEODORANT to more than just your underarms.

One place that’s often covered in the cold fall and winter months that can accumulate sweat and odor is your inner thighs. Your inner thighs rubbing together can lead to irritation, bumpiness, and an accumulation of sweat that can lead to body odor, just like you can develop under your arms. (2)

Deodorant can also prevent chafing in between your thighs by helping you to stay dry. After all, wet skin makes chafing worse, so limiting the amount of sweat that can build up on your skin is essential to keeping chafing at bay. And remember, this is a great preventative technique – broken skin and deodorant don’t mix! (3)


QUICK TIP: Apply deodorant at night when your sweat-producing glands are less aggressive and your skin is more dry. Kill odor-causing bacteria today with GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL MAGNESIUM DEODORANT SPRAY! (4) (5)


In addition to preventing chafing between your thighs, deodorant applied over your legs will help you more easily slide into your favorite outfit. Both tight-fitting jeans, work pants, and skirts can all be more easily tried on and – most importantly – enjoyed by applying ALL-NATURAL DEODORANT along your legs.


Stress will make you sweat in some pretty weird places. Fend off stress-induced sweat by spraying GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL MAGNESIUM DEODORANT SPRAY today!


And though summer mosquitoes may no longer be a problem, it’s good to know that applying deodorant to bug bites can also help reduce the irritation and itchiness they can cause. Additionally, deodorant may also help reduce the swelling and pain that can be caused by bug bites, though this can vary based on the deodorant used. (6)

There’s also another trick that you may not know deodorant can help you with – removing your nail polish! In fact, spraying some ALL-NATURAL DEODORANT directly onto your nails (you can use a cloth too) can help remove the nail polish that just won’t come off in any other way. (7)


To kill odor-causing bacteria and enjoy odor-free days and nights under sweaty layers this fall and winter, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Magnesium Deodorant Spray, which is aluminum-free and soothes your skin with hydrating therapeutic-grade essential oils!


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In addition to acting as an effective odor-blocker under your arms, deodorant is also an effective tool to use after shaving. For those who experience irritation and redness from razor blades, simply apply deodorant and watch your irritation fade and your skin smooth out in as little as two days. This trick also works under your arms, where you can prevent odor AND enjoy smoother skin post-shave.

But beware! Alcohol, which is commonly found in over-the-counter deodorants - along with other dangerous chemicals and preservatives - can potentially undo much of the moisturizing benefits your deodorant can provide. That's why you need to opt for ALL-NATURAL DEODORANT with therapeutic-grade essential oils, which will give you that cool, refreshing feeling that lasts all day long. (8)


Many over-the-counter deodorants will actually cause irritation. Go ALL-NATURAL and enjoy the soothing essential oils found in our 100% ALL-NATURAL MAGNESIUM DEODORANT SPRAY!


Getting back into when to use deodorant, it’s important to know that you might need a little support on the go. This means it’s important to always have a spare deodorant (or a travel-sized one) with you in case you find yourself in a smelly situation you desperately want to get out of. (9)


QUICK TIP: Sweat is odorless. The best way to fight this smell-less threat is by applying GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL MAGNESIUM DEODORANT SPRAY where you feel sweat accumulating! (10)


Another key thing to remember is that deodorant is a great preventative measure. What this means is that applying deodorant to skin that’s already sweaty can contaminate your stick with bacteria. To avoid this, use an ALL-NATURAL DEODORANT SPRAY, or carry multiple sticks so you don’t simply reapply the bacteria back onto your skin.

If you do only have one stick and you’re already sweating, ALL-NATURAL SOAP and water will help prepare your skin for the application of your deodorant. Just be careful not to irritate your skin as you’re trying to reduce irritation, which can cause skin problems you definitely don’t want. (11)

And now that we know where you can apply deodorant, it’s important to know how to apply it. Be sure you’re coating the entire area you wish to apply your deodorant to, which will help get through potentially thick hair buildups. Basically, just don’t rush it – it’s YOUR DEODORANT and you can personalize your application however you want! (12)



For maximum effectiveness from your ALL-NATURAL MAGNESIUM DEODORANT SPRAY, follow our odor-blocking underarm routine that will leave you smelling and feeling your best each day!


1. Spray armpits six times with 100% All-Natural Armpit Pre Wash Spray, then shower

2: Wash armpits with 100% All-Natural Organic Armpit Wash

3. Pat dry and spray armpits six times with 100% All-Natural Armpit Post Wash Spray

4. Spray armpits six times with 100% All-Natural Magnesium Deodorant Spray

5. Wipe any excess and let dry



Want to be odor-free all over?







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