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The Best Moisturizing Bar Soap To Fight Winter Dryness!

One Soap ... So Many Benefits!


In winter and early spring, it’s more important than ever you use a soap that (obviously) functions as the great all-natural cleanser your skin deserves, but also one that moisturizes your skin. But here’s the unfortunate truth about over-the-counter bar soaps ...

They're notorious for drying out your skin! In fact, some over-the-counter bar soaps are not even recommended for use on your face! This is because they can be irritating and leave your skin dry, which is all the more dangerous in the cold and debilitating winter and early spring months. (1)

But here’s the good news for everyone out there looking for a bar soap that DOES MOISTURIZE: GARNER'S GARDEN has cracked the bar soap code, and we have the best ALL-NATURAL BAR SOAP MOISTURIZER that will NOURISH your skin AND leave you feeling and looking more RADIANT than ever!

In this blog we talk about bar soaps, and the one bar soap that will MOISTURIZE your skin and SOOTHE irritation all season long!






Want a bar soap that cleans AND moisturizes?




The shocking truth about over-the-counter bar soaps may surprise you: over-the-counter bar soaps can dehydrate your skin. This is because they have a higher pH than some soaps, leaving your skin at risk of irritation and dryness, which is only made worse during winter.

Bar soaps are also not traditionally known to contain the usual moisturizing ingredients of many body washes that may contain essential oils and other moisturizing ingredients that can benefit dry or drying skin. And to top it all off, these over-the-counter bar soaps can also be bacteria magnets, and leave your skin at risk of infection and other skin problems. (2)

But don’t let the promise of body washes keep you from believing in the right ALL-NATURAL BAR SOAP. In fact, over-the-counter body washes can contain dangerous microbeads that can harm your skin and overall bodily health. But getting back to bar soaps, many over-the-counter ones don’t contain the well-milled ingredients that can function as exfoliants, important for taking away dead skin cells and moisturizing your new fresher and more radiant skin. (3) (4)


QUICK TIP: Over-the-counter bar soaps can transfer dangerous bacteria. Instead, opt for the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal power of GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL AFRICAN BLACK SOAP today! (5)


To get people to buy their products, many over-the-counter manufacturers opt for artificial fragrances in their soaps, which can be harsh and dangerous in the short and long term. They can also cause dryness with the detergents they put in there, known as sodium lauryl sulfates – which are literally created to break down oils – thus drying out your skin more.


Many over-the-counter bar soaps can contain harsh chemicals and dangerous ingredients that can do more harm than good. Instead opt for the all-natural ingredients found in GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL AFRICAN BLACK SOAP today!


These over-the-counter bar soaps can be even worse to your skin in winter, when the chemicals inside them can actually go against the very reason you’re using them, which is to CLEAN YOUR SKIN. A big reason for this are the allergens in these soaps, which are once again triggered by the fragrances commonly found in them. (6)

The reason over-the-counter manufacturers opt for some of these dangerous ingredients is because they can fool you into thinking a certain clean feeling will persuade people they’re clean, when in reality their soaps are making people’s skin dehydrated. Yup, that’s right. Many over-the-counter bar soaps contain ingredients that actually pull oils that are natural and that your body needs. (7)



For a bar soap that effectively cleans AND moisturizes, check out Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural African Black Soap, a fragrance-free and chemical-free solution to winter and early spring dryness your skin needs!



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Now that we know why some over-the-counter bar soaps are dangerous to your skin, let’s get positive here and talk about the one bar soap that will MOISTURIZE you and leave your vulnerable skin smooth and prepared for the rest of the dry winter and early spring months. And the bar soap that will do this is ALL-NATURAL AFRICAN BLACK SOAP.

African black soap that’s ALL-NATURAL contains NATURAL INGREDIENTS that are NATURALLY capable of increasing your skin’s moisture, while also preventing the common problems related to oiliness many people run into during winter and early spring. These ingredients include shea butter – a natural moisturizer. (8)


Many bar soaps are known to dehydrate while cleaning. For a great cleansing AND moisturizing bar soap, check out GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL AFRICAN BLACK SOAP today!


The texture of African black soap also enables it to be softer than many soaps, but also crumbly and uneven. This awesome texture is because it doesn’t contain some dangerous chemicals commonly found in soaps like lye, allowing it to moisturize AND be unscented AND not have additives – as long as it’s ALL-NATURAL. (9)


QUICK TIP: Different African black soaps contain a variety of ingredients that can be incredibly drying. Opt for the moisturizing ability of the ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS found in GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL AFRICAN BLACK SOAP today! (10)


To better understand why African black soap is such an effective moisturizer, you need to better understand how it’s made. Just like a great meal takes time to cook, African black soap that’s ALL-NATURAL and SUPER EFFECTIVE is sun-dried and baked, the ingredients are then simmered and placed inside, and then it's all literally stirred by hand for a day. The remaining mixture then sets for as much as two weeks or more.

What results is a perfect winter bar soap that can not only ease certain skin conditions like psoriasis and acne (which can surprisingly flare up when you least expect it to in winter), but also eczema. Their ingredients can also soothe and moisturize away the nasty symptoms of these conditions, leaving your skin smoother than ever, even in the cold. (11)

African black soap is also effective at the general cleaning of your skin, capable of moisturizing once it removes those dying winter skin cells and environmental pollutants, like impurities and dirt. It can also function as a PREVENTATIVE SOAP, capable of fending off many of the problems winter can cause, such as the aforementioned acne breakouts that can leave your oil production in flux. (12)



For even more moisture your skin needs each day, we suggest pairing our fragrance-free and chemical-free 100% All-Natural African Black Soap with our ...








Want a bar soap that cleans AND moisturizes?








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