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The Importance Of Taking Your Skincare Routine On The Go!

Travel Size? Travel Right!


It’s summer, which means the weather's warming up and it's finally time to get out and start having some fun! Many times, this fun entails overnight camping trips and extended vacations out of the house.

In fact, over eighty percent of people are planning on traveling this season. And as exciting as that is, more and more people are struggling to figure out what to pack, and how best to travel while maintaining their routines – most notably their ALL-NATURAL SKINCARE ROUTINE. (1) (2)

But now it’s never been easier to enjoy your ALL-NATURAL SKINCARE ROUTINE while on the go, no matter where you are and who you’re with this summer!

In this blog we talk about the importance of a consistent skincare routine, and how you can take yours ON THE GO all summer long!




Now is the time to start going out, and everyone is noticing. In fact, travel-sized options of over-the-counter skincare products are sprouting up everywhere. Unfortunately, this just means more options and more opportunities to expose yourself to dangerous chemicals and additives when traveling.

This makes staying ALL-NATURAL essential because it offers you the opportunity to maintain your routine and protect your skin without shocking your body with new products, especially in new environments and climates. (3)

Many people also opt for TRAVEL-SIZED PRODUCTS because choosing travel size reduces waste once you come home. Though this sounds silly, this is important because people tend to throw away any unused product they have left once they come home from vacation. (4)


QUICK TIP: The stress of going away can change your routine, including your eating habits. Protect your teeth while on the go with the ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS in GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL PEPPERMINT TRAVEL SIZED ORAL CARE TRIO! (5)


Another benefit of travel-sized varieties of your favorite skincare products is you can start using them BEFORE you go away. This enables you to break in the bottle and practice the routine you plan on undertaking before having to endure the stress of going away.

Many things in your routine change when you travel. Keep your all-important skincare routine with the moisturizing hydration of GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL BODY BALM STICKS today!


It’s also important to have travel-sized varieties of your favorite products because you can CONTINUE YOUR ROUTINE once you come back from vacation and transition to your REGULAR ROUTINE. This also helps you to manage your skin when facing different environments that can hurt you and your skin. (6)

As a matter of fact, temperature and humidity changes can cause significant skin damage, leaving you in desperate need of your usual SKINCARE ROUTINE – the one your skin has grown used to and likes! Without your normal skincare routine, you may suffer from dry skin, breakouts, and oily skin that can hurt your skin in the short and long term. (7)


One thing you definitely don't want to take home with you is tooth decay! Protect your oral care when you travel this summer with Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Peppermint Travel Size Oral Care Trio, a handmade bundle of oral care products that will fight inflammation and bad breath!











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            THE NEXT STEP


            There are many variables when it comes to travel, and your SKINCARE ROUTINE shouldn’t be one of them. This is why it’s so important that you keep to the skincare products that are familiar to you.

            Having TRAVEL-SIZED versions of your favorite products helps so much because if you do encounter certain skin issues when on the go, you know they won’t be a result of the products in your skincare routine. This can make pinpointing what’s wrong easier, allowing you to far more easily remedy the problems you face. (8)


            Hotel sheets can hinder your beauty rest. Disinfect hotel linens and protect your sleep all summer with GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL SLEEP MIST SPRAY!


            TRAVEL SIZE also enables you to save the money it costs to both pack your bags and keep your home skincare routine intact. This freedom and convenience during the tumultuous hours of traveling makes it well worth the cheaper price of these travel-sized varieties. (9)


            QUICK TIP: The climate can hinder your skincare routine, leaving you in desperate need of some help while on the go! Nourish your body while out this summer with your favorite easy-to-carry GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL SOAPS! (10)


            The stress associated with traveling can put even further stress on your skin, making it even more important that you have a routine you skin can trust and not have to overthink. It’s also important that these travel-sized products contain the ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS necessary to remedy any potential skin problems traveling can cause.

            Just as important as having your favorite ALL-NATURAL SKINCARE PRODUCTS is not using the free ones in your hotel. Many of these products contain artificial ingredients and chemicals that can actually cause even more skin problems you don’t want to have to take back home with you. (11)

            And to make things even simpler, just consider whether or not your current skincare routine is working. If it is, you’re not going to want to change it. This enables you to both enjoy the current success of your skincare routine and what your skin has become used to, and also to manage the skin problems that may arise when out. (12)



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