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The Many Benefits Of Lavender In Baby Care!

Your Baby's Essential Formula!


Every parent wants their baby to be satisfied, relaxed, and pain and worry-free. Unfortunately, as many parents know, this can be quite difficult to achieve, let alone achieve with the right ALL-NATURAL support. This is because many over-the-counter baby products actually contain ingredients that can end up hurting your baby.

In fact, it’s advised that babies under two stay clear away from expectorants, cough suppressants, antihistamines, and decongestants due to their potential dangers and hazards to your baby's sensitive health. And that’s not all. Over-the-counter baby care products can actually be dangerous – even life-threatening – to your pride and joy. (1)

But here’s the good news: it’s never been easier to SOOTHE your baby’s skin and RELIEVE their anxiety with only the most essential essential oil, perhaps the most essential oil there is in baby care. What is this amazing miracle oil…?




And it works. In this blog we talk about the benefits of lavender in baby care, and how it can help your baby be RELAXED and ANXIETY-FREE all spring long!





Want a relaxed and restful baby?




Let’s be honest: babies are restless. They don’t really know any better than to kick and scream and complain, and that’s why we love them! But all that negativity isn't good, and there is a way you can soothe your baby with the best ALL-NATURAL OIL that’s been used for over and over again by parents for years, and that's with LAVENDER.

Lavender is a sensory oil, meaning that your baby can enjoy the smell of it, just like you! In fact, babies are nosy - meaning they're really great at using their noses, and effectively navigate the early years of their lives through the use of their sense of smell, and even associate family members and those around them with their senses of smell. (2)

It’s important to note that essential oils on babies older than three months can offer even more than just the soothing of your baby’s anxiety. It can even help alleviate the symptoms of colic, while helping to provide both and emotional and physical well-being through what’s considered aromatherapy – also known as essential oil therapy. (3)


QUICK TIP: Lavender oil contains a soothing scent that has been proven to relax even the most stressed babies – and adults too! Calm your baby down with the 100% ALL-NATURAL LAVENDER OIL found in GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL BABY CARE PACKAGE today! (4)


Just as important as it is to know the benefits of LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL, it’s important to know the dangers of not going all-natural. And that’s because over-the-counter essential oils are basically unregulated, as they’re considered health products and not medications, meaning they’re not held to the same standards and research as they probably should be.


Lavender essential oil soothes children and adults alike. Be sure your lavender baby care products are ALL-NATURAL such as the ones in GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL BABY CARE PACKAGE!


What this also means is that it can be very difficult to find the actual ratios of the oil in the products you’re using on your baby when going over-the-counter. Unfortunately, this can lead to dangerous levels of ingredients you don't want and a lack of guidance in terms of directions and composition. For best results, you need to use 100% ALL-NATURAL LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL, which you still need to use carefully. As a tried and proven fact, all babies are different, and you should talk to a health care professional about questions pertaining to your baby’s health and when changing their routine. (5)

A great way to use LAVENDER is through a diffuser. Using GENTLE and ALL-NATURAL BABY OIL in a diffuser will help the lavender spread in the room, but remember to be sure that your baby’s room is ventilated, as your baby’s care and comfort is the most important thing when using any essential oil around them. (6)



For the most natural care your little one can enjoy day AND night, check out the lavender-infused products in Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Baby Care Package, a GENTLE & ALL-NATURAL package of products that protects your baby's skin, while also hydrating it for the long-lasting TLC it needs!


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One of the reasons you know lavender is so effective in baby care is because it’s effective for adults too. That’s because it’s gentle and effective at easing a variety of ailments and maladies that also help your baby. One of these benefits includes the soothing of restless children, which we all know helps parents too!

Lavender essential oil also has the great ability to relax your baby’s stomach, as well as alleviate the sprains and pain your baby may be prone to getting as a result of their restlessness. In addition, the essential oil can also help teething problems and with sleep issues too. (7) (8)


Lavender is known for its aromatherapeutic properties. Give your baby the love they deserve with the ALL-NATURAL soothing power of lavender found in GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL BABY CARE PACKAGE!


Lavender is already commonly found in many over-the-counter products commercially sold with children in mind, such as sleeping products, lotions, and other products specifically used in baths. Unfortunately, many of these products contain ingredients that are overly complicated and untrustworthy, especially when used in the care of the young. Using ALL-NATURAL LAVENDER in a diffuser will help provide a soothing environment for your baby, especially at night, when you want them to transition to relaxed and easy dreaming and thoughts. (9)


QUICK TIP: Lavender helps babies relax, which leads to relaxed parents too! Enjoy the benefits of your baby’s better mood by giving them GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL BABY CARE PACKAGE today! (10)


Another surprising way lavender helps your baby is with their breathing. Believe it or not, using lavender in a diffuser actually functions as an effective vapor to help alleviate coughs and colds, while also working to remedy any respiratory problems they may have.

Additionally, lavender is a great way to remedy ear problems your baby may have, even in through aromatherapeutic ways. This is important, as many babies suffer from ear pain, and it can be very difficult to know what works and what doesn’t when looking for ways to help sensitive areas like these on your baby. (11)

It’s also important to note that not all essential oils are effective or safe for baby use. Lavender, though, is particularly effective for helping your baby both physically and emotionally, as long as it’s used the right way. You should consult an aromatherapist if you have any questions with how to best diffuse your baby’s room. (12)


Want More Lavender-Infused Baby Care?


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Want a relaxed and restful baby?










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*As always, consult a health care professional if you have any questions about your baby's health, and before starting any kind of baby care routine.




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