WARNING: The Danger of Artificial Sweeteners In Toothpaste!

Artificial Flavor - Real Danger!


Let's be honest, brushing your teeth is so routine you probably don't even think about it. But did you know that the over-the-counter toothpaste you're using may actually be filled with artificial sweeteners that are damaging to both your teeth and bodily health?

In fact, many goods containing artificial sweeteners also contain a high acid content in an attempt to make them taste better, and contain phosphoric, tartaric, and citric acid, which are known to cause enamel damage and health problems. (1)

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In this blog we talk about the danger of artificial sweeteners in toothpaste, and how you can achieve NATURALLY CLEANER TEETH today!





The first thing to know is that the most commonly found sweetener in toothpaste is an ingredient called sodium saccharine. And before you go thinking this is a great alternative to the sweetness of sugar, you should know that sodium saccharine is 300 times sweeter than sugar, and has carcinogenic properties.

The reason this chemical is found in toothpaste happens to be because of over-the-counter toothpaste's other artificial ingredients. In fact, their true purpose is to mask the other unpleasant and dangerous chemicals in toothpaste, such as silica gels and sodium fluoride. (2)

Another artificial sweetener that's commonly found in toothpaste is xylitol. This is actually dangerous to animals, and can pose a threat when in the house. And another chemical used to artificially sweeten toothpaste - sorbitol - is a laxative known to induce diarrhea in children! (3)


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Another dangerous artificial sweetener found in many over-the-counter toothpastes is sucralose. Sucralose - also known as Splenda - is considered a chlorocarbon, while the artificial sweetener Equal - also known as aspartame - is considered an excitotoxin.


Artificial sweeteners have been linked to several long-term and short-term health complications.


Both of these sweeteners are dangerous over time, and actually provide your body with no health benefits, while at the same time being linked to lymphona and brain tumors - definitely things you don't want out of your toothpaste. (5)

The other strange thing about artificial sweeteners is that many of them, including sorbitol, sucralose, and xylitol, are considered sugar alcohols, meaning they resemble both sugar and alcohol, both of which you obviously don't want in your oral care products. (6)


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Well, if sugar is bad, you may be thinking that artificial sweeteners would have to be good. Right? Well, the answer is no, and that's because artificial sweeteners like sucralose cause cavities too.

In fact, researchers have found that products with artificial sweeteners can soften your enamel up to 50%, and often do just as much damage to your teeth as products containing real sugar. Bottom line - artificial sweeteners are bad for you. (7) (8) (9)


Over-the-counter toothpastes contain dangerous chemicals and sweeteners damaging to your oral and bodily health.


And the damage of artificial sweeteners is not just limited to dental decay. Studies have also shown that sweeteners like aspartame can boost oxidative stress and trigger inflammation by causing harm to your cell membranes. (10) (11) (12)


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Now it's important to make a disclaimer here: many over-the-counter manufacturers call their sweeteners natural even when they're not. In fact, the so-called natural sweeteners in over-the-counter products are often refined or processed.

Not only that, but some artificial sweeteners over-the-counter manufacturers claim as healthier for your teeth than sugar are actually made from it. For example, sucralose is actually derived from sugar. (15)

It's also important to note that all this scary information about artificial sweeteners doesn't mean you should revert back to sugar. Sugar sticks to your teeth, and leads to gum disease, plaque, gingivitis, and cavities, so it's best to be mindful of all the ingredients in your oral care products. (16)


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