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Ways To Recover From COVID-19!

Get Back To Yourself Today!


We're living in scary times, where it feels like every other day something can go wrong. The culprit for this fear?




The COVID-19 pandemic has hurt many of us personally over these last two years. In fact, there have been over 350,000,000 cases of coronavirus worldwide. And counting. (1)

And oftentimes, this virus can be debilitating, leaving people suffering long after the contagious part of the virus has worn off.

But thankfully, there ARE WAYS you can get back to yourself today, and restore your health immediately!

In this blog we talk about the side effects of COVID-19, and how you can GET BACK to feeling your best self today!




Part of what's so scary about this virus is the fact that it can cause so many different side effects for so many different people, and these effects can be long lasting.

In fact, the side effects for those suffering from the virus can last for months after the initial virus has been detected. That's months of unnecessary suffering and pain for many people - called "long haulers." (2)

Long-COVID, as it's known, is so debilitating for people that the CDC now includes it as a disability under the umbrella of the Americans With Disabilities Act. (3)


QUICK TIP: Stop the spread by thoroughly washing your hands. But be sure you don't dry out by applying 100% ALL-NATURAL HAND CREAM, which gives your hands the hydration they need today! (4)


Unfortunately, for many sufferers of COVID-19, the statistics don't do their suffering justice. That's because the symptoms change their lives.

People suffering from long-COVID can experience cognitive damage, fatigue, and pain, and that's just the start of it. In fact, there are dozens of symptoms people can experience long after the contraction of COVID-19 has occurred. (5)

And these symptoms don't end as symptoms. Symptoms after COVID-19 can evolve into other, far more severe problems as well, such as breathing problems and kidney damage. (6)




Some of the most debilitating symptoms people have been experiencing from COVID-19 involve the loss of taste and smell.

Losing your taste or smell doesn't mean you sense nothing. In fact, some sufferers claim nonstop foul odors and the smell of petrol or smoke in and around their nostrils after contracting the virus. (7)

Although this sounds like something that will get better soon, this isn't always the case.

In fact, studies in other viruses have shown that one in three people suffering from a lack of smell or taste will see their symptoms extend longer than three years. (8)


QUICK TIP: A loss of smell or taste affects 40-75% of COVID-19 patients. Be sure to boost your immune system with adequate sleep aided by the sweet smell of LAVENDER! (9)


Another problem for those suffering with a loss of taste or smell as a result of COVID-19 is the fact that scientists and researchers are just beginning to learn why this actually happens to people.

Whereas some viruses cause what's known as virus-induced nasal congestion, the loss of this sense as a result of COVID-19 may be more inflammation-oriented, as a result of potential problems with the body's chemical sensors. (10) (11)

Losing these senses is not one-size-fits-all, either. Some people lose their ability to experience certain flavors, such as bitterness or umami, while others may have a metallic or sour taste in their mouths all the time, impacting all aspects of their life. (12)


But it isn't all doom and gloom. New research is being done into potential REMEDIES for COVID-19, and ways for you to restore your senses of taste and smell today!




H202, also known as hydrogen peroxide, is something people have been using to kill germs and disinfect for a very long time.

In fact, there are many varieties of H202, including food-grade H202, a more concentrated form of hydrogen peroxide. (13)

And if you're concerned as to whether H202 kills coronavirus, hydrogen peroxide kills rhinovirus, the cause of the common cold. And rhinovirus is actually more difficult to kill than coronavirus, which is great news in the fight against COVID-19. (14)


QUICK TIP: Dentists recommend patients rinsing their mouths with HYDROGEN PEROXIDE before dental appointments to help stop the spread of coronavirus! (15)


There are also promising studies for certain oral care products working to help disrupt the COVID-19 virus.

In fact, hydrogen peroxide has been shown to be an active ingredient in killing cells inside the mouth, with new studies determining the viral load H202 may work to inactivate and prevent the spread of COVID-19. (16)

And H202 is also being explored for disinfecting other surfaces as well, preventing the transmission of objects and cross-contamination of surfaces and tables while cooking and brushing your teeth, making it a potential key to stop the spread today! (17)


One way to get the strength of food-grade H202?


Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Antibacterial Mouthwash contains food-grade H202, which not only decreases plaque formation and controls gum disease, but is also antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal! Simply gargle and enjoy a cleaner, healthier mouth today!


Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Oxy Pulling Pre Brush Oral Rinse uses food-grade H202 to inhibit the growth of bacteria, while also whitening your teeth and effectively removing and repelling plaque!





For many long-COVID sufferers, the idea of having toxins and poison inside the body can be a scary and daunting thought. But there is a way to fight this.

Activated charcoal has been proven to work like a sponge on certain toxins and poisons, capable of quite literally absorbing these toxins out of your body. (18)

Activated charcoal is so powerful that it literally attaches itself to all the chemicals it encounters, which is why it has become a growing trend in recent years as an all-body detox. (19)


QUICK TIP: ACTIVATED CHARCOAL is so great at detoxifying that emergency rooms across the country use it to reverse the effects of poisons at a moment's notice! (20)


To better understand how activated charcoal can be used to fight the effects of COVID-19, it's important to know how activated charcoal works.

Activated charcoal is made to bind to certain toxins and poisons. It works especially well as a porous agent inside your body to remove these toxins, and then protect you from the harmful effects of them. (21)

And this is only the beginning. New studies are being conducted to determine the strength of activated charcoal and its ability to decrease the absorption of microbiomes, and to help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation as a result of the COVID-19 virus. (22)

In fact, Marshall University believes that activated charcoal may even go deeper, working to reduce the potential for dangerous lung diseases from COVID-19, and decreasing the chances of a bacteria buildup in the body. (23)


Not only can you find activated charcoal in Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Oxy Pulling Pre Brush Oral Rinse, but you can also find it in our 100% All-Natural Tooth Powder!


Our 100% All-Natural Tooth Powder uses the health-boosting strength of activated charcoal to draw toxins out of your mouth and leave your teeth whiter, cleaner, and smelling great!


For the greatest H202 and activated charcoal blend of bacteria-fighting power, check out our 100% All-Natural Oral Care Trio, which includes our 100% All-Natural Antibacterial Mouthwash, 100% All-Natural Oxy Pulling Pre Brush Oral Rinse, and our 100% All-Natural Tooth Powder!


And for the best ACTIVATED CHARCOAL cleanse that will leave your body feeling clean and refreshed, check out these other great products:


100% All-Natural Activated Charcoal Facial Cleanser: the first step before washing your face - tightens pores and draws out impurities!


100% All-Natural Activated Charcoal Scrub: works as an all-natural exfoliant for your face AND body, removing dead skin cells and preventing future breakouts!

100% All-Natural Activated Charcoal Organic Body Wash: removes dead skin cells, leaving your body feeling refreshed and clean every time!



100% All-Natural Activated Charcoal Natural Deodorant: removes toxins and bacteria, while absorbing and neutralizing odors!




Knowing H202 and activated charcoal can help to relieve some of the long-term symptoms of COVID-19 is definitely a relief, but I think we can all agree that it's better to not get the virus at all.

To prevent the spread of coronavirus, it's incredibly important that you disinfect all surfaces that you come into contact with, also called high-touch areas. (24)

These surfaces can range from doorknobs to light switches, to more obvious surfaces like phones, keyboards, and sinks. (25)


QUICK TIP: The COVID-19 virus can live on surfaces for several days! Clean off your surfaces with 100% ALL-NATURAL DISINFECTANT SPRAY today! (26)


There's another obvious way to prevent the spread of coronavirus, and that's by washing your hands.

Washing your hands and sanitizing are essential steps in reducing your chances of contracting coronavirus, especially in winter when you're gathered indoors and the ventilation is less strong. (27)

Scrubbing your hands for at least 20 seconds while cleaning your hands is recommended to create enough momentum to not only kill coronavirus, but other germs and bacteria as well. (28)


To help stop the spread today, check out the following health-boosting products:


Natural Organic Hand Soap: effectively cleans your hands, while also softening and moisturizing your skin with essential oils!


Natural Alcohol Hand Sanitizer: kills dangerous bacteria, while also nourishing your skin!



All-Natural Disinfectant Gym Spray: disinfect high touch areas, and stop the spread today!








DISCLAIMER: The information in this article is for informational purposes only. As with all things, please consult your doctor or health care professional before making any decisions about your health. Garner's Garden does not endorse the ingestion or claim the use of anything in the treatment of COVID-19 or other ailments or infections.




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  • Charles Brown

    Thanks for sharing such informative information. I didn’t realize that H2O2 and charcoal were so effective in the fight against and the recovery from cvd19.
    Garner’s Garden replied:
    Hey Charles! I know – it’s amazing how powerful natural ingredients can be!

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