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What Is Cradle Cap, and How To Prevent It Today!

Cradle Your Baby's Skin With Love Today!

Each season brings with it certain skin conditions to look out for when it comes to you and your loved ones, especially your baby. And with the drop in temperature coming this fall, one of the biggest things you need to look out for when it comes to your baby's skin health is cradle cap.

Cradle cap is a discolored rash that appears in patches on your baby's skin. And the first thing you need to know is that it’s common. In fact, cradle cap affects most children by the time they turn three months old. (1)

But we know you have enough to worry about each day while taking care of your pride and joy, and with new research and ALL-NATURAL BABY CARE PRODUCTS, you can both TARGET cradle cap at its source, and PREVENT it from developing in the first place.

In this blog we talk about what cradle cap is, where it comes from, and how to both REMEDY IT and PREVENT IT today!





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Like most skin conditions, cradle cap also has a medical term – infant seborrheic dermatitis – which sounds scary, but in reality, cradle cap is not contagious, and not thought to be caused by poor hygiene. So where does it come from? Researchers still don’t know.

Though that’s a scary thought, new research is finding that there are SOLUTIONS to fighting this skin condition when it does arise, which can prove especially debilitating in children between the ages of three weeks and twelve months. (2)

And what these symptoms look like can be quite scary for parents. That’s because cradle cap often appears in the form of yellow, scaly skin that can also be crusty, dry, and greasy. And just like its name suggests, usually these scales can be found on your baby’s scalp. (3)


QUICK TIP: Washing your baby’s scalp works to loosen, then remove scales as a result of cradle cap. Deeply hydrate and nourish your baby from head to toe this fall with GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL BABY CARE PACKAGE! (4)


Although not much is known in terms of what can cause this common newborn skin condition, there are many things it’s advised you shouldn’t do to bring it on and make it worse. And one of these things is using over-the-counter adult shampoos and soaps.


Using ALL-NATURAL products in your baby's daily skin care routine will help keep your baby's skin healthy and radiant this fall.


That’s because many ingredients in over-the-counter products can be dangerous to your baby’s skin, so it’s advised that you use ALL-NATURAL BABY CARE PRODUCTS and moisturize your baby’s scalp in a light, massaging motion, which can help get rid of scales, while also being easy on your baby’s hair, since cradle cap can cause your baby’s hair to fall out. (5)

Cleaning your baby’s scalp NATURALLY will also prevent the accumulation of oil on your baby's scalp, which can hinder the natural shedding of your skin cells – a process called desquamation. Overproduction of your baby’s sebaceous glands or the yeast in their oil can also be a potential cause of cradle cap, so WASHING NATURALLY is a great way to erase this potential risk. (6)


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Now that we have a general overview of what cradle cap is, let’s talk about the manifestation of this chronic skin condition. And one thing to know about cradle cap is that in addition to being found on your baby’s scalp, it can also be found on the outside of their ears and on their T line.

It’s also important that your recognize if your baby truly does have cradle cap, as it is commonly confused with other skin conditions like atopic dermatitis. Atopic dermatitis can also appear in the form of scaly or crusty skin on your baby’s scalp and cheeks, and can interfere with your baby’s feeding and sleeping process. (7)


It's important to ensure your baby's skin is balanced and hydrated. Prevent oil accumulation this fall with GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL BABY CARE PACKAGE!


To prevent this potential confusion, let's just PREVENT the condition in the first place. And knowing your baby absorbs ingredients in skincare products is the first step in doing this. It's also advised that you don’t pick or scratch your baby’s scales, which can lead to further health complications or infections. (8)


QUICK TIP: Over-the-counter soaps and shampoos can irritate your baby’s skin, especially their eyes. Be sure you're giving your baby's skin the most ALL-NATURAL and GENTLE love it needs by using GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL BABY CARE PACKAGE each and every day! (9)


With all that in mind, if your baby does develop cradle cap, you need to be able to STOP IT before it gets infected. Cradle cap can often lead to infection through the form of little blisters that can pop – the same catalysts of the condition impetigo.

And if your baby’s cradle cap does get remedied and comes back, don’t freak out. That’s because cradle cap , even when remedied in the right way, can return if your baby’s glands overproduce the sebum that can lead to imbalance. (10)

It's also important to distinguish dandruff from cradle cap. Dandruff and flaky skin are actually signs of cradle cap. Therefore, if you see these symptoms, along with the other cradle cap symptoms of patchiness and greasiness, your baby may have this skin condition. (11)



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