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BREAKING NEWS: Why We Sweat More In Winter!

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When you think of when you sweat most, you probably think of July days in the sun, or hot August nights when the temperature can hit triple digits or more. But what if I told you that everything you thought you knew about when and why we sweat is wrong? In fact, new studies are revealing that we may actually sweat MORE in the winter.

This is because researchers are finding that sweating may actually have more to do with your internal body temperature, rather than the temperature on the thermostat outside. Therefore, when you’re sweating and cooling your body down, it doesn't necessarily matter if it's eighty degrees outside in the heart of June, or ten degrees in the middle of January. (1)

But there’s no need to worry about the embarrassment and stress that comes along with wintertime sweating anymore, as NEW BREAKTHROUGHS in ALL-NATURAL DEODORANT and new research is revealing the best way you can SMELL YOUR BEST and FEEL CONFIDENT all winter long.

In this blog we talk about why you sweat more in winter, and the BEST WAY you can PREVENT BODY ODOR and SMELL GREAT each and every day!





Want to sweat less and smell better this winter?




Though it may seem counterintuitive, the truth is that summer sun isn't the only reason why we sweat. We also experience a lot of sweat in the winter, and to better understand why, we need to know why we sweat. The major reason we sweat is to regulate our bodies to ensure we don’t experience health problems like heatstroke, exhaustion, or internal overheating.

This responsibility doesn’t go away in the winter. In fact, in winter we may be engaging in even more activities that can cause our bodies to overheat, such as taking long, hot showers, commuting more in heated vehicles, and dealing with fluctuating temperatures from outside to inside, where indoor heating can make your sweating problems even worse. (2)

Additionally, to fight the cold and prepare for when you do go outside to face those colder temperatures, you may be layering up and wearing more clothes that can cause you to sweat, despite spending most of your time inside. Even thick winter coats can contribute to changes in your internal body temperature, leading to more winter-time sweating. (3)


QUICK TIP: Wearing hats and gloves are important to keep heat from leaving your body, but they can also make you sweat more. Keep away sweat and smell your best all winter long with GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL MAGNESIUM DEODORANT SPRAY! (4)


One of the main reasons you sweat more in the winter is because your body can become confused with the constant changes in your internal body temperature. Overheating is common when wearing the thick layers meant for the outdoors when indoors, when it may be tough to ditch that thick winter coat, such as when shopping or on public transportation.


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The clothes that make you sweat even more are synthetics like polyester, which are capable of trapping body-odor causing bacteria that cause excess sweating in the winter. Being sure you’re not making your sweating problems worse with clothes that are clingy or trapping is also key to preventing excess sweating in winter. (5)

And we do have some bad news: some deodorants won’t help you fight the sweating that can come in the winter. This is why it’s so important you opt for 100% ALL-NATURAL DEODORANTS and a 100% ALL-NATURAL ARMPIT PACKAGE that can help fend off indoor heating, and even protect you from season to season. (6)


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Aside from the temperature changes that can cause excessive winter sweating, there is another condition that can cause excess winter sweat – hyperhidrosis. In fact, 8 million people suffer from this debilitating condition where people sweat more than usual. Of these 8 million people, more than half keep it a secret from their health care professional.

The unfortunate embarrassment that can come from talking and dealing with sweating can lead some to suffer with the same over-the-counter products that don’t work, and can lead to severe quality of life problems that can have them reaching for darker clothes, constantly changing, or even altering their behavior in social situations. (7)


The holidays are often a time when we stress out more, leading to even more anxiety and wintertime stress. Prevent body odor caused by excess holiday stress by using GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL MAGNESIUM DEODORANT today!


Though excessive sweating can impact the sufferer everywhere, the most common spots hyperhidrosis affects are the feet, armpits, and hands, though it’s not uncommon for sufferers to experience abnormal sweating in multiple places at once. The condition is also connected to your sympathetic nervous system, which is especially sensitive to stress and fear. (8)


QUICK TIP: Heavy winter boots and shoes can cause you to sweat more, especially considering you can’t really take them off in public! Prevent body odor caused by winter bundling with GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL MAGNESIUM DEODORANT SPRAY today! (9)


Cold sweats can also be the reason for increased wintertime stress, and aren’t really caused by temperature changes at all. In fact, they’re caused by your body’s fear response, which is supposed to protect you from dangerous situations, but may inadvertently lead to the body odor you’re looking to avoid!

Regular cold sweats can also be caused by other triggers, such as low blood sugar, fevers, some cancers, thyroid issues, medicine, and anxiety. These triggers are not necessarily winter-related, which can make winter-time sweating even less correlated to the temperature outside. (10)

Another reason we sweat more in the winter is because of increased wintertime stress. Stress during the holidays can cause us to get out of our routines, eventually causing more sweating as a result of missing workouts, new and different eating habits, and dealing with the hustle and bustle of the holidays. (11)



To best prepare yourself against wintertime sweating and body odor, check out our following handcrafted 100% ALL-NATURAL BODY ODOR PROTECTION ROUTINE, which will keep you smelling great all season long:


1. Spray your armpits 6 times with 100% All-Natural Armpit Pre Wash Spray, take a relaxing shower

2: Clean your armpits with 100% All-Natural Organic Armpit Wash

3. Pat your armpits dry and spray 6 times with 100% All-Natural Armpit Post Wash Spray

4. With your armpits still wet, spray 6 times with 100% All-Natural Magnesium Deodorant Spray

5. Wipe excess product, and let dry




Want to sweat less and smell better this winter?







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