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WHAT’S IN YOUR MOUTHWASH?! Ingredients To Watch Out For Today!

Be Careful What You Rinse For!


Everyone knows the importance of good oral health, and for some people, that extends to brushing their teeth with toothpaste and reaching for the over-the-counter mouthwashes we’ve grown up watching ads and commercials of. But here’s something these ads don’t tell you …




In fact, dangerous ingredients in over-the-counter mouthwashes, such as ethyl alcohol, chlorhexidine gluconate, and methyl salicylate, can be so bad for you that it’s recommended you call Poison Control hotlines and emergency numbers if someone uses more of these mouthwashes than that is normally recommended. (1)

But before you go writing off your oral health, we do have some good news for you. There are 100% ALL-NATURAL MOUTHWASHES you can feel safe using, while simultaneously PROTECTING and CARING for your teeth and overall oral health.

In this blog we talk about the dangers of over-the-counter mouthwash, and ALL-NATURAL ways you can enjoy GREATER ORAL HEALTH today!




There are some brands that have been around so long that they’ve simply become second-nature for people to buy, but many over-the-counter mouthwashes were created before the latest studies have shown the dangers of chemically-synthesized oral care products. For example, everyone simply knows not to drink snake oil or eat plastic, but many still opt for the green and blue over-the-counter lies!

The complications of using over-the-counter mouthwash can even undo some of the good you’re trying to achieve. This is because alcohol-based mouthwashes have cat-ionic compounds that fight the effects of brushing your teeth. What results is dry mouth and a neutralization of the good you’re trying to achieve. (2)

Many people also see their health spiral as a result of over-the-counter mouthwashes, such as children and those who have a history of alcohol use. These dangers are so real that it’s common for relapses to occur for those recovering from alcohol disorder, and for children to inadvertently get drunk as a result of using these over-the-counter mouthwashes. (3)


QUICK TIP: The right ALCOHOL-FREE ALL-NATURAL MOUTHWASH can actually improve the symptoms of dry mouth! Protect your mouth and achieve greater oral health today by using the ALL-NATURAL MOUTHWASH found in GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL ORAL CARE TRIO! (4)


To better understand the dangers of the over-the-counter green and blue mouthwashes at your local pharmacy, you only need to know one thing: children under six years old should avoid them at all costs. And the dangers aren’t much different for adults.


Over-the-counter mouthwashes can oftentimes do more harm than good. Protect your oral health AND your bodily health today by using GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL ORAL CARE TRIO!


These popular over-the-counter mouthwashes are also not recommended for those undergoing chemotherapy, for those with mouth sores, and for those with compromised immune systems. And here’s something else you don’t see in ads: chlorhexidine, an ingredient that can cause teeth staining that's found in many over-the-counter mouthwashes, and normally given by prescription. (5)

Here’s a fact you may not know – stores actually claim that green and blue over-the-counter mouthwashes sell out despite being double the price of generic equivalents, meaning people oftentimes buy based solely on brand name. But the 26.9 percent alcohol composition in many of these mouthwashes has actually led many to question whether or not these products should be locked up behind the counter instead of being on shelves. (6)



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Mouthwashes are not always an easy-to-find product, though. In fact, nowadays many therapeutic mouthwashes can be so dangerous they actually require a prescription to get. These mouthwashes are also grouped with NBEs – or non beverage products with ethanol – like perfume and cold medicines.

These manufacturers are also sneaky, as they actually change the ethanol while making it to create a special alchohol-based product called de-natured alcohol - which contains extra ingredients that won’t fend off the dangerous consequences of ingesting ethanol. One of these dangerous ingredients is thymol. (7)

Another problem with these green and blue over-the-counter mouthwashes is that some view them as a substitute for other healthy oral habits like flossing and brushing. In fact, using over-the-counter mouthwash while ignoring your other health needs can lead to cavities, gingivitis, and other oral problems. (8)


QUICK TIP: The bright colors of over-the-counter mouthwashes can lead children to ingesting dangerous levels of them. Protect your children and boost their oral health today with GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL KIDS MOUTHWASH AND TOOTH POWDER PACKAGE! (9)


Alcohol in green and blue mouthwashes isn’t the only thing to be concerned about. Other dangers found in these mouthwashes are artificial sweeteners like saccharin, which has been connected to skin problems, allergy issues, and even bladder cancer. These dangers can be even worse for children, making it all the more important you check the labels of the products you buy.


It's never too late to make the switch and break away from the green and blue lies. Take your oral health into your own hands today with the ALL-NATURAL PRODUCTS found in GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL ORAL CARE TRIO!


Preservatives are also commonly found in these green and blue over-the-counter mouthwashes, the same preservatives found in nose drops and sprays. These common preservatives have become such a problem that scientists in Europe have noticed they have caused sizable allergy problems for European consumers. (10)

And though many of the ads for these common green and blue over-the-counter mouthwashes brag about their ability to kill bacteria, they also kill good bacteria – the same bacteria that’s important for encouraging good bodily health and keeping a healthy blood pressure level. (11)



The chemicals in over-the-counter mouthwashes are especially dangerous to children. Ditch the chemicals and give them the 100% ALL-NATURAL MOUTHWASH found in Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Kid's Mouthwash and Tooth Powder Package, a handcrafted CHEMICAL-FREE oral care package made just for them!


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