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When I tell you to think of something that's in your mouth, your mind probably flashes to your teeth, gums, tongue, or maybe even your tonsils. But there is something you should absolutely be thinking about, and it's INSIDE your teeth.

What I'm talking about is something called DENTIN, which is a substance of organic and inorganic material found inside your teeth. (1)

But don't let the fact that your dentin is inside your teeth fool you into thinking that you can't do anything to protect it.

There ARE WAYS you can PROTECT YOUR DENTIN, and boost your overall ORAL HEALTH today!

In this blog we talk about what dentin is, why it's important, and how to PROTECT IT today!




The first thing to know about dentin is that it affects the health of your whole tooth, not just the inside of your teeth. That's because it's directly related to your enamel.

In fact, your dentin is what's under your enamel, between your enamel and your dental pulp. And despite all those scientific terms, what you really need to know is that your dentin holds the form of your enamel. (2)

Dentin is so important that despite being only one of four tissues that comprise your teeth, it actually takes up most of their structure. (3)


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While enamel steals most of people's attention, dentin is what makes your teeth work, as it contains tubules and important tissue that actually communicates with the nerves in your teeth.

That's why dentin is so important. If not protected, then your nerves are more capable of causing you pain as a result of sensitivity. (5)

And dentin is not just a weak structure that is vulnerable no matter what. It is actually almost as hard as your enamel, and is responsible for giving your teeth its natural color. (6)


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To understand what the purpose of dentin is, we first need to talk about what it's made of. In fact, dentin is made of both inorganic and organic matter - 70% and 30%, respectively.

Minerals such as calcium and phosphate can be classified as some of this inorganic material, which help create hydroxyapatite - tiny particles that are similar to those found in enamel. (7)

Dentin is also home to many important little tubes, which are responsible for the sensitivity many people have when eating or drinking cold, hot, sticky, and acidic things. (8)


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Not to get too in-depth, but dentin is actually made up of three layers - primary, secondary dentin, and tertiary dentin.

Your outermost layer is what's considered your primary dentin, while your secondary layer forms after your roots are developed, and your tertiary dentin forms after a stimulus appears. (10)

And if you're wondering what those tubes are inside your dentin, they're called dentin tubules, which are basically the blood vessels of your teeth, and carry essential nutrients throughout your teeth. Bottom line: ALL aspects of your teeth are vital for great oral health! (11)


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Not only does dentin contain minerals, it also contains water, and all of these components help harden your enamel and maintain your teeth structure.

This is super important for the outside of your teeth, but it also works inside your teeth, protecting the pulp tissue inside your teeth. (12)

This tooth pulp, as it's called, is actually alive, and is jelly-like, containing important cells, tissues, blood vessels, and nerves - the innermost layer - the core - of your teeth. (13)


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One of the most amazing attributes of dentin that separates it from so many other parts of your body is its ability to regenerate itself during the span of your teeth.

In fact, dentin thickens as you grow older (and your pulp chamber shrinks), which can actually darken your teeth - the reason many people turn to bleaching and other artificial whitening agents. (15)

One of the best ways to think of dentin and your relationship to it (and its importance) is by knowing that your dentin connects to the one fiber in your dental pulp that literally interprets everything as pain! (16)


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Just like how your dentin is responsible for many different jobs and tasks in your mouth, there are also many causes of the exposure of it - some you can control, and some you can't.

One cause of exposed dentin is the way you brush. It's important that you never brush too hard, as this can remove your enamel and leave your dentin out in the open. (17)

Another cause of exposed dentin is grinding your teeth. Though you can't always control it, grinding your teeth - also known as bruxism - can wear down your enamel. (18)


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Another unfortunate cause of exposed dentin (one oral problem) is another oral problem - the receding of your gums. In fact, gingivitis, which can progressively worsen, can expose you to further problems in your mouth like infection and inflamed gums.

This is why it's so important to EFFICIENTLY BRUSH to protect both your gums AND your dentin, as food trapped in your teeth can actually cover them and accumulate over time. (20)

In fact, dentin hypersensitivity - a serious and debilitating problem for many people - can unravel over an extended period of time. (21)


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Just like in the case of many oral problems, great ORAL HABITS can remineralize your teeth before decay can take hold and potentially expose your dentin.

To remineralize your teeth, be sure to BRUSH YOUR TEETH to remove dangerous bacteria, and avoid sugary foods that can help aid in the breaking down of your enamel. (22) (23) (24)

It's also important that you avoid bacteria buildup by RINSING with coconut oil, which not only reduces bacterial growth, but also leads to overall healthier teeth and gums. (25)


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Another important thing to remember when wanting to prevent dentin hypersensitivity is that if you want whiter teeth, do NOT turn to bleaching.

Bleaching your teeth leads to sensitivity for some, as does brushing right after eating, when your enamel may be softer. That's why it's best to wait around an hour before brushing after meals. (27)

And considering gum disease is a major cause of exposed dentin, it's also a great idea to remedy any gum problems before they can evolve into something worse and expose your teeth. (28)


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