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What Is Stress Sweat, and How To Prevent It Today!

Stress-Free? Odor-Free!


We've all had those moments when we’ve lifted our arms and thought to ourselves, I stink! But oftentimes this body odor is not from normal sweating. That’s because there’s another kind of sweat that is different from regular sweat -- stress sweat.

And although stress sweat is different from regular sweat, that doesn’t make it any less important for your body. In fact, stress sweat is important for cleaning toxins from your body, as well to keep you cool. (1)

But all because you need to sweat doesn’t mean you need to smell too! That’s because there are ALL-NATURAL DEODORANTS available that can not only PROTECT YOU from stress sweat, but also KILL BACTERIA upon impact.

In this blog we talk about the differences between regular and stress sweat, and how you can BE ODOR-FREE all summer long!






No matter the day, keep stress sweat away!




Before we talk about how to PREVENT STRESS SWEAT, let’s discuss how it’s different from regular sweat. And one of the biggest differences between the two is in its composition, which makes a big difference in how you and your body reacts to sweat and creates odor.

Whereas regular sweat is one percent salt/proteins and ninety-nine percent liquid, stress sweat is twenty percent proteins/fats, and eighty percent liquid. They also come from different glands – regular sweat from your eccrine glands – stress sweat from your apocrine glands. (2)

This is an important distinction between the two, as apocrine glands are considered the glands associated with body odor, and are located on the areas you most likely associate with body odor, such as your groin and armpits. (3)


QUICK TIP: Stress sweat is a necessary bodily response. Let your body do its thing AND smell great all summer long by GOING ALL-NATURAL with GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL MAGNESIUM DEODORANT SPRAY! (4)


You may be wondering why your body sweats as a result of stress, but the truth behind it makes a lot of sense. That’s because stress is simply a natural response to a threat in your body. This response is meant to help you and to keep you from being hurt or endangered by external forces.


Chemicals and artificial ingredients in over-the-counter deodorants can cause you even more stress. Go STRESS-FREE and go ALL-NATURAL with GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL DEODORANTS today!


In this way, you may not always think that sweating from stress is temperature related. Your stress sweat is related to what’s considered your fight/flight area of your body – something that’s meant to help you in what your body deems dangerous situations. (5)

And what’s worse is that there is a lot to stress about right now. Other than making our summertime plans – and keeping them – we can allow current events, work, and illness fears all affect us and bring on additional stress, especially stress sweat. (6)



You can't prevent stress, but you CAN prevent BODY ODOR!


Stave off body odor all summer long with the following ALL-NATURAL DEODORANTS:














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It’s important to note that stress sweat is not something that can just come on when confronted with something obvious, like a threat from an animal or a fire. There are many daily stressors that can cause stress sweat too, and these potential stressors can cause you to create adrenaline, which directly affects what your sweat glands do.

In fact, you may be creating additional stress sweat – which is often thicker than your regular sweat – by things like traffic, or when faced with a danger that's truly dangerous. The resulting odor can be even worse than the odor caused by general sweat. (7)


Many over-the-counter deodorants are minimally effective for just a few hours. Instead opt for ALL-DAY PROTECTION with the ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS in GARNER'S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL DEODORANTS today!


An obvious way to fight stress sweat is by simply WASHING your body. Washing your body every single day with ALL-NATURAL PRODUCTS meant to lower the amount of bacteria on your body will help reduce the potential for body odor. This is effective because less bacteria on your body also means less body odor as a result of less communication between your sweat and bacteria. (8)


QUICK TIP: Understanding what makes you stressed brings you one step closer to being odor-free. Take the next step (and the ones after that!) with the ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS found in GARNER’S GARDEN 100% ALL-NATURAL ARMPIT CLEANSER WASH PACKAGE today! (9)


Aside from stress sweat just being more annoyingly difficult than regular sweat to manage, it’s also scientifically more difficult too. That’s because stress sweat tends to bother people in areas where there is more hair, making it difficult to stop the smell before it’s too late.

And though sweat stress is embarrassing, don’t feel bad about it. Sweating as a result of stress is normal, and most people won’t even notice. Still, it’s important to not let your natural fear of body odor lead you to dangerous over-the-counter products fueled with artificial chemicals and ingredients. (10)

In fact, the parabens found in many over-the-counter deodorants can be easily absorbed by your body, and, once there, can cause you severe danger, leading to a potential increased risk of cancer long-term. Simply GOING ALL-NATURAL will put both your mind AND body at ease, and protect you from potential bodily harm. (11)



Fight stress sweat with the following ODOR-FIGHTING routine!


1. Spray your underarms six times with All-Natural Armpit Pre Wash Spray and shower...

2. Wash your underarms with All-Natural Organic Armpit Wash...

3. Pat your underarms dry and spray six times with All-Natural Armpit Post Wash Spray...

4. With your underarms still wet, spray six times with All-Natural Magnesium Deodorant Spray...

5. Wipe anything extra, let dry




No matter the day, keep stress sweat away!







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