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Can Skincare Affect Your Social Life? What You NEED To Know!

Best Friends Forever!


We all want to look our best, for ourselves and others. Unfortunately, the way we view ourselves can sometimes affect us negatively, impacting our social lives and mental health. This domino effect of skincare can lead to short-term and long-term consequences to our relationships and well-being.

In fact, our SKINCARE ROUTINE and the SKINCARE PRODUCTS we choose are essential building blocks for the rest of our lives! That's because without proper skincare habits, you can feel stressed and lonely, with both of these things directly affecting you and your social life. (1)

Thankfully, your SKINCARE HABITS can also lead to a HAPPIER YOU, with MORE FRIENDS and a SOCIAL LIFE you'll be proud of! And with building the right habits and developing a better love of yourself (and with the right ALL-NATURAL SKINCARE PRODUCTS), you can enjoy a MORE FULFILLED LIFE - starting today!

In this blog we talk about the ways your skincare affects your social life, and how you can LOVE YOURSELF and enjoy an ENRICHED LIFE today!






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The bottom line is that many people find that skincare affects the way they view themselves, which can be a good thing sometimes, and other times be detrimental to their mental health. It's so powerful that it can cause people to be drawn to you, which can affect the way you see yourself and open yourself up to others.

It's pretty safe to say that people are drawn to happier and more positive people. Unfortunately, what you deem as skincare that's less than can cause you to close yourself up, leading to potential sadness, stress, and poor mental health. Negative feelings about yourself can also cause you to have problems making new friends. (2)

Additionally, poor skincare can change the way you see yourself over time, meaning the longer you allow your skincare to be detrimental to your mental health, the worse you can feel about yourself, and the more damaging these problems can be in the end. (3)


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Knowing skincare can affect the way you view yourself and your social life is one thing, but knowing how to react to this is something else. Well, one of the worst things you can do is opt for dangerous over-the-counter ingredients and long routines over-the-counter manufacturers claim will benefit your skin and mental health. (5)


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Unfortunately, many artificial ingredients in over-the-counter skincare products can be harmful to your skin, especially for younger people. Some products younger people opt for can actually cause more skin problems, and can clog pores and cause skin irritation. (5)

Resulting damage to your skin can lead to damage to your social life, as many people with what they consider as poor skin health, including acne, may decide to stay in and break plans, instead of going out as planned. Resulting self-esteem issues can cause people to miss out on opportunities they could've had to meet new friends and enjoy hobbies and/or sports. (6)



A better social life begins with BETTER SKINCARE and a ROUTINE you can trust!

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Just like poor skincare can negatively affect your social life, having skin you’re proud of can BOOST your social life! In fact, healthy skin can lead to a HAPPIER and MORE CONFIDENT YOU, and a feeling of oneness with yourself and the world around you. With more love of yourself and your skin, you'll find friends who LOVE SKINCARE just like you!

Skincare can also provide you more structure and a sense of comfort in your DAILY ROUTINE, which can leave you relaxed and more open to those days when you might feel less than. It's easy to believe that by simply loving yourself and being more open, you'll develop MORE FRIENDSHIPS that can lift you up on those days when you don’t feel happy or confident. (7)


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This brings us to a topic you need to take seriously – SELF-CARE. Self-care is an essential element in having not only a healthy body, but also mind. By taking care of yourself, you can distract yourself from mentally debilitating thoughts and thoughts of worthlessness affecting the way you view your self, social life, and relationships. (8)


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Though it may seem counter-intuitive that taking care of yourself can help you build stronger relationships and enjoy a greater social life, it’s actually true. Being happy and more confident with yourself simply allows you the opportunity to give more of YOURSELF when dealing with others and making (and maintaining) friendships.

Protecting your skin also enables you to prevent a dangerous condition called burnout, allowing you to be more alive, present, and available for others and what life has in store for you. It's also important that you look out for yourself EVERY DAY, which can help prepare you for the next chapter in your life. (10)

Basically, by connecting to your mental, physical, and emotional needs, you’re allowing yourself to be open to the world. Rather than being tired or upset, you’ll be happy and open to life and others, and make meaningful relationships. By taking care of yourself, you’ll also be more likely to meet friends and try new things, which can help you live a life you'll be proud of! (11)

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