4 Skin-Boosting Benefits of Vitamin C!

Nature's Natural Skincare Ingredient


Vitamin C is many things - an antioxidant, an anti-aging miracle ingredient, a necessary component to your emotional, physical, and mental health ... Plus, vitamin C has incredible uses for skin! Continue reading this post about vitamin C skincare benefits.

But unfortunately, taking your vitamins and eating food high in Vitamin C doesn't necessarily mean your skin is extracting the benefits of this all-natural skincare ingredient. (1)


In fact, your skin NEEDS Vitamin C applied directly to its surface.


The best way to ensure your skin is getting the Vitamin C it needs is by using an All-Natural Vitamin C Serum.

In this blog we talk about the four ways Vitamin C will make your skin look younger, feel stronger, and shine brighter today!





Every day, your body is attacked by molecules in the air whose purpose is to destroy your healthy skin cells and age your skin. These molecules - also called free radicals - are everywhere.

Free radicals can be found in air pollution, sun rays, and even artificial ingredients in the foods we eat and over-the-counter cosmetic products. (2)

It's an understatement to say free radicals are really bad for your skin. They destroy your natural collagen, give you nasty wrinkles, and cause loose skin, sagginess, and blood vessel damage. (3)


A Vitamin C Molecule


Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals, giving your skin a layer of protection to maintain its healthy cells. This barrier acts almost like another layer of skin against the harsh environment. (4)


FUN FACT: Our bodies are 60% water, which makes us prone to a process called oxidation - a natural form of free radical damage. That's why it's so important to use Vitamin C Serum even when you don't go outside! (5)


Not only does it neutralize free radicals at their source, Vitamin C also removes free radicals from the surface of your skin. (6)

In this way, Vitamin C acts as a detox to remove the oxidative stress your skin endures throughout the day, making it a perfect vitamin to add to your skin at night as part of your SKINCARE REGIMEN. (7)




Source: NewYork Presbyterian (8)


Studies are out, and they're revealing something incredible - Vitamin C increases the production of collagen in the skin. (9)

Not to get too scientific, but Vitamin C penetrates the epidermis to actually synthesize the production of collagen - a skin-boosting protein you need to maintain healthy, younger-looking skin. (10)


FUN FACT: Without Vitamin C, your body can't produce enough collagen on its own. Apply Vitamin C Serum and boost your own natural collagen today! (11)


Unfortunately,we cannot make our own Vitamin C. And to top it off, we lose collagen over time, which is why our skin sags and loses elasticity with age.

Vitamin C increases the amount of collagen you produce, making it perfect for both older people looking to get their skin back to its glowing best, or for younger people looking to fend off their inevitable loss of collagen.

Vitamin C also acts as a shield for the collagen you already have, allowing you to maintain your natural supply of collagen longer. (12)





Damage from the sun is cumulative, and can lead to premature aging - also called photoaging - and cancer. (13)

The sun destroys the structure of your skin several layers deep, and actually changes your cellular DNA, sometimes taking years for your skin to even show on a surface level. (14)


But don't worry - VITAMIN C can help.


Vitamin C is a natural sunscreen that works to protect you from the sun's dangerous UV radiation by adding a protective barrier to your skin, keeping the sun's harmful radiation out. (15)


FUN FACT: Studies have shown Vitamin C can reduce UVB-induced erythema by 52% and sunburn formation by 40-60%! (16)


Vitamin C gives your skin greater texture and evenness, the first things the sun tries to damage with prolonged exposure.

Vitamin C also works great with the rest of your SKINCARE REGIMEN, so pair it with your ALL-NATURAL SUNSCREEN for maximum protection. (17)




You need water. In fact, 64% of your skin is water, and it needs every last drop. (18)

Water flushes toxins and those nasty free radicals out of your system, and leads to hydrated, plump, and elastic skin that looks younger and feels stronger. (19)

Without enough hydration, your skin will dry up and become more susceptible to the nasty signs of aging and free radical damage. (20)


FUN FACT: More hydration also means greater blood flow, which is essential for maintaining regular skin health and overall younger-looking skin! (21)


Vitamin C's hydrating properties also helps your skin maintain its radiance through recycling dead and dying skin cells, and replacing them with new cells capable of longer-lasting protection. (22)

Vitamin C is water soluble, so its benefits go hand in hand with water - they each need the other for better results! (23)


So I know what you're thinking, "I need some Vitamin C." But there is no end to the over-the-counter products promising the skin-boosting benefits of Vitamin C and smoother skin free from wrinkles, fine lines, and aging.


But there's a catch - many of these products contain chemicals and artificial ingredients that DON'T help your skin at all.


GARNER'S GARDEN has an ALL-NATURAL SOLUTION, and it's called Vitamin C Facial Serum.


Garner’s Garden 100% All-Natural Vitamin C Facial Serum contains the amazing power of Vitamin C, as well as the incredible skin-saving Vitamins D and E to tighten your skin, fight the symptoms of aging, and return your skin back to its natural glow !


And for the best, all-natural skincare regimen, try our 100% All-Natural Facial Care System, a 5-step wash system that includes our All-Natural Pure Facial Toner, All-Natural Exfoliating Mineral Scrub, All-Natural Normalizing Face Oil, All-Natural Antibacterial Facial Cleanser, and All-Natural Vitamin C Facial Serum.



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