4 Ways To Prevent Bags Under Your Eyes!

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The new year is here, and with it come many blessings and goals you're sure to keep a watchful eye on. But two things you won't want to see past are bags.

Many people have bags under their eyes, and many more don't want them. But until recently, much of what we thought we knew about this mysterious sagging skin was simply guesswork.

But scientists are breaking new ground on this potentially temporary and preventable condition, and believe it or not, it's much easier than you think to prevent them. (1)

So let's dive into this eye-catching blog, where we talk about what bags under the eyes are, and four ways you can prevent them today!




The first thing to know about bags is that they don't necessarily mean one thing. In fact, bags under the eyes can be attributed to many different skin, biological, and behavioral patterns revolving around skin and cellular damage. (2)

But before we get into all that, let's first discuss what under-eye bags are.

Though they appear to fold like bags, under-eye bags are really just pockets of loose and falling skin. (3)

This drooping skin is a perfect place to trap fluid, which then gets stuck, making the bags under your eyes appear more defined. (4)


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Though their physical effects aren't considered dangerous, under-eye bags can have severe consequences on a personal level.

Under-eye bags can lead to social problems and emotional distress, which makes it even more important that you take the steps to prevent them today. (6)

And even though some problems, such as eye disease, orbital cellulitis, and thyroid problems can cause under-eye bags, most of the causes are preventable. As always, consult your doctor if you have any questions about your health. (7)


Now that we know what under-eye bags are, let's talk about ways you can prevent them today!




The most common thing people associate under-eye bags with is a lack of sleep. And the science does too.

Researchers have found that the skin under your eyes is thinner than that of the rest of your body, pushing your blood vessels closer to the surface of your skin. (8)

Unfortunately, this compounds the problem of a lack of sleep, because losing sleep causes your blood vessels to dilate, leading to increased blood flow under your eyes, or the appearance of bags. (9)


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We know a lack of sleep enhances the appearance of under-eye bags, but what many people don't realize is that a lack of sleep also causes that blood to remain under your eyes. What follows are annoying under-eye bags that linger. (11)

A lack of sleep also causes your skin to lose its shine, making the bags already under your eyes also more pronounced. (12)

And under-eye bags aren't the only side effect of a lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation also causes red eyes, hanging eyelids, and wrinkling that can have you covering up before the new year's already started. (8)


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Many things can lead to under-eye bags - allergies, eczema, and inflammation - all of which are remedied by VITAMIN C.

Vitamin C boosts your skin with antioxidants that enhances your skin's strength, while also preventing skin damage caused by free radicals. (13)

A boost in collagen will also strengthen your skin's elasticity, preventing the sagging of under-eye bags.

Vitamin C increases your collagen production, making your skin more flexible and capable of fending off the buildup of under-eye bags. (14)


FUN FACT: Vitamin C also offers great sun protection! Apply VITAMIN C today, and fend off sun damage and wrinkling tomorrow! (15)


Even small changes to your skin's nutritional composition leads to a significant change in the appearance of under-eye bags. (16)

In addition to remedying the appearance of under-eye bags, Vitamin C also strengthens the ligaments under your eyes, holding off fatty tissue and making it that much tougher for under-eye bags to take hold. (17)

As it does this, Vitamin C also evens out your skin, causing any imbalance to seamlessly blend, leading to clear, consistent, and radiant skin. (18)


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One of the best ways to prevent under-eye bags is by using GARNER'S GARDEN ALL-NATURAL TONER. This is because of a magical ingredient our toner contains: witch hazel.

Studies have shown that witch hazel reduces swelling, which will reduce the appearance of bags under your eyes. (19)

The reason witch hazel is so effective at reducing bags is because of tannins - the miraculous biomolecules this plant-based ingredient is made of. (20)


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Witch hazel is also amazing at reducing the appearance of redness under your eyes, which can be confused for under-eye bags, providing a cleaner, more even complexion. (22)

Another incredible benefit of witch hazel and our ALL-NATURAL TONER is that simply applying it will reduce your bags. This is because witch hazel is an astringent. (23)

By their very nature, astringents tighten and contract, which is great news for the sagging skin under your eyes. By applying witch hazel, you're literally unfolding your skin and returning it back to its natural brilliance. (24)


For natural under-eye balance, check out Garner’s Garden 100% All-Natural Pure Facial Toner. Containing the power of witch hazel, our FACIAL TONER also remedies acne, eczema, and psoriasis!



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One major cause of under-eye bags that many people overlook is sun damage.

This is because the sun targets the collagen beneath your eyes, destroying those important proteins responsible for maintaining your skin's structure. (6) (25)

Without getting too scientific, it does this by boosting the amount of melanocytes in your skin, which are responsible for creating melanin.

And too much melanin can be detrimental to your skin. Therefore, a surplus of melanocytes translates to puffy eyes and wrinkled skin, or under-eye bags. (26)


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The reason we see inflammation under our eyes when exposed to the sun is because our skin is trying to protect our eyes from further sun damage. (27)

Sun damage destroys the collagen and elastin under your eyes. And the loss of this crucial structure makes you more susceptible to under-eye bags. (28) (29)

And the most obvious cause of under-eye bags - aging - is also facilitated by the sun. Photoaging - or premature aging - leaves your eyes vulnerable to under-eye bags and puffiness. (30)


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