Put Down The Tube Today!



For many people, toothpaste is a part of their everyday life. They probably don't even think twice when they use it once or twice (or more) a day.


But there's a problem with this:


New studies are revealing that over-the-counter toothpaste is hurting your teeth and overall bodily health.

In this blog we talk about the dangers of toothpaste, and an ALL-NATURAL ALTERNATIVE that will make your teeth shine brighter and your body healthier today!





Toothpaste has been around for decades, but it wasn't the first oral care product on the market.

In fact, tooth powder was the first product recommended for people to use to clean their teeth and gums. (1)

Tooth powder is effective in cleaning enamel, acting as an antiseptic and in aiding in the potential prevention of tooth decay, and has for many years. It was even MORE POPULAR than toothpaste from 1896 to 1949. (2)

It wasn't until businesses began to make baseless claims that even the American Dental Association discredited that toothpaste began to become popular. (1)


WARNING: One tube of toothpaste could KILL a young child. Switch to an ALL-NATURAL ALTERNATIVE and protect your kids today! (3)


Toothpaste is the most common way for people to brush their teeth today, but according to the World Health Organization, tooth decay and gum disease are out of control all over the world. (4)

This is no surprise because PULLING and many other natural methods are proving to be more effective than the old way of brushing your teeth you've always done. (5)




If you really think about it, toothpaste is a weird product. It's a gel-like substance manufactured in a small tube that machines churn out by the millions each and every year.

We've covered the DANGERS OF FLUORIDE before, but what many people don't realize is that there are many other ingredients in toothpaste that are extremely dangerous.



Triclosan: An ingredient found in many over-the-counter toothpastes


Triclosan is a chemical in over-the-counter toothpastes studies have shown is dangerous - and potentially TOXIC.

Triclosan is so dangerous that the FDA banned the use of it in antibacterial soaps because of the dangers of the chemical, prompting scientists to declare a necessary reduction in its use. (6)


WARNING: Overusing toothpaste has actually been linked to the thinning of your tooth enamel and heightened tooth sensitivity. (7)


Another problem with triclosan is due to its reaction with water.

Many people place their toothbrush (with toothpaste on it) under the sink before they put it in their mouth. This is dangerous because triclosan reacts with tap water to create chloroform. (8)

The FDA has also found that triclosan can lower thyroid hormones, upsetting the endocrine system, and may potentially lead to skin cancer and osteoporosis. (9) (10)





Ever have sugary candy like gummy bears or fruit roll ups? Well, to get their gummy consistency, many artificial sweeteners and flavors have to be added to it.

The same goes for toothpaste, which has saccharin, aspartame, and other artificial sweeteners added to it to give it flavor. (11)


WARNING: Many toothpastes contain xylitol, which is considered a sugar alcohol and a non-nutritive sweetener. Xylitol is strong too, containing as much sweetness as regular sugar. (11) (12)


Over-the-counter toothpaste also contains sorbitol, which is usually made from corn syrup. Sorbitol contains NO benefit to your teeth, and can actually cause gastrointestinal effects you don't want. (11)

Sodium saccharin, a specific kind of artificial sweetener, is 450 times sweeter than sugar, and created from coal tar. (11) (13)

Sodium saccharin has even been linked to various cancers, and studies have shown that sodium saccharin can help cancer cells stay alive in tumors. (11) (13)



A Plastic Microbead. Source: University of Exeter (Andrew Watts Face to Face With Plastic)


Did you know that there are tiny little plastic beads in your toothpaste? These bits of plastic are called microbeads, and they're incredibly dangerous.

Microbeads are synthetic polymers that are cheap to produce and can extend your toothpaste's shelf life. (14)

Microbeads are not biodegradable, and they don't disintegrate in the body. This makes microbeads an envrionmental hazard and a potential health risk. (15)


WARNING: A recent study found that 82.4% of the tap water in India was contaminated with microplastics like microbeads. (16)


Microbeads can also get stuck in your gums, causing bacteria and inflammation. And considering they pick up insecticides and industrial chemicals, microbeads are dangerous to both us and marine life once disposed. (16)

And watch out for the little ones. Microbeads are especially dangerous for children, so ditch your toothpaste for an ALL-NATURAL ALTERNATIVE for the safest dental care. (15)




Parabens are preservatives found in many cosmetic products, including over-the-counter toothpaste.

Unfortunately, parabens copy the effects of estrogen, meaning they can cause cancers, reproductive problems, and developmental issues. (11)


WARNING: Paraben damage is cumulative, so ditching the toothpaste now will help you down the line! (17)


The FDA doesn't rule on preservatives in cosmetics, but that doesn't mean they're safe. In fact, the FDA is openly studying the harmful side effects of parabens for cosmetic use. (18)

Aside from the harmful effects of parabens in your body, your skin actually absorbs parabens more easily than many other products.

Even intact skin absorbs parabens easily, which makes it even MORE DANGEROUS when you put it directly in your mouth in the form of toothpaste. (19)


So You Know Toothpaste Is Bad. So Now What?


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