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4 Ways To Stop Bleeding Gums!

Clear Sink! Brighter Smiles!


We've all had that moment when we're brushing our teeth or flossing, and everything's going well, until we spit. And what do we see? Blood.

Now if this sounds familiar, you're not alone. In fact, around 90% of people experience bleeding gums. (1)

And though the degree of your bleeding can vary, it's important that you never take any oral problems lightly. And thankfully, HELP is out there.

In this blog we discuss what causes bleeding gums, how to STOP them from bleeding, and how to achieve GREATER ORAL HEALTH today!




Though bleeding gums are common, they can be caused by a variety of different things, and though sometimes the causes aren't worth freaking out about, they're all worth knowing.

One cause of bleeding gums is having poor oral hygiene. This can involve both your flossing AND brushing habits, as well as the problems caused by poor technique. (2)

Another potential cause is a previous condition, such as gingivitis, which leads to inflamed gums that may be more prone to bleeding. Though this is usually thought of as a mild gum disease, it needs to be addressed so it doesn't evolve into something worse. (3)


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One of the most common causes of bleeding gums is plaque. The reason plaque is so dangerous to your gums is because there are literally millions of bacteria comprising it that can cause you harm.

And just like how we said gingivitis can evolve into worse oral health problems, plaque can evolve into gingivitis, which can compound and lead to periodontitis, a severe gum disease. (5)

Pre-existing medical conditions can also be a cause of bleeding gums as result of their ability to leave you susceptible to gingivitis. These include smoking, age, and ill-fitting dentures. (6)


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 Now that we know some of the causes of bleeding gums, let's talk about how to STOP IT TODAY!




Believe it or not, many people inadvertently cause their gums to bleed because of poor brushing techniques, which can be easily remedied RIGHT NOW.

To brush effectively, first it's important you simply provide enough friction over your gums to allow you to massage the area, while still removing the plaque that can build up and lead to bleeding gums over time. (7)

And just as important it is to brush the right way, it's also important that you use the right toothbrush for you. This means using a soft-bristled toothbrush if you're suffering from gum sensitivity, and replacing your toothbrush every three to four months or earlier if your bristles are breaking down. (8)


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Many times, having bleeding gums doesn't just mean you have bleeding gums. If gingivitis is the cause of your bleeding gums, you may also be suffering from mouth odor or swelling along your gum line.

To stave this off, it's important you brush a minimum of twice a day, while minimizing the pressure that can cause the erosion of your enamel and your gums to recede. (10)

It's also important that when you do brush, you brush for two minutes at a time to best remove the food and plaque that can get stuck in your teeth and cause bleeding gums. (11)


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Everyone knows you should floss, but many people don't, oftentimes because of a fear of bleeding when flossing. But thankfully, there is a right way to floss that will help remove bacteria before it causes you further harm.

And don't freak out if you're bleeding while flossing when starting a new regiment. It's normal to bleed for a week or so when beginning to floss. (12)

One way to know if you're flossing incorrectly is if it hurts when you do it. Flossing should not be painful, so if it is, your technique may be off. (13)


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Just like brushing too aggressively can be dangerous, it's also important that you're gentle when you floss.

Always use soft floss, and when flossing, you should softly slide the floss between your teeth, and when you're venturing below your gums, push the floss up to your teeth, and then move it up and down. (15)

A good rule of thumb when flossing by your gums is to allow your floss to reach the area under the edge of your gums, and to stop when you feel resistance. Then, simply slide up and down to remove the built-up bacteria stuck in your teeth. (16)


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Though many people automatically think of poor brushing habits as the cause of bleeding gums, there's another reason you may be seeing red when you spit - a VITAMIN C deficiency.

And this research is not new. In fact, a link between VITAMIN C deficiency and bleeding gums has been known for decades, and new research is proving that previously recommended amounts of VITAMIN C may not be enough to stave off bleeding gums. (17) (18) (19)

To increase your intake of VITAMIN C, you should add more natural vegetables and fruits to your diet, such as kiwis, kale, peppers, and oranges, which can all contribute to less gum bleeding. (20)


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And VITAMIN C doesn't just help lessen gum bleeding. Daily intake of VITAMIN C has also been linked to hasten wound recovery and boost your immune system, which also improves your overall oral health.

Not only that, but VITAMIN C also helps the rest of your body, as it lowers your risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. (22)

VITAMIN C is so important to your oral health that researchers are now thinking that great brushing and flossing habits may not be entirely effective on their own at stopping bleeding gums, making VITAMIN C an essential part of your ORAL CARE ROUTINE. (23)


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Many people often think of hydrogen peroxide (H202) as a simple disinfectant for open wounds and irritation. But did you know that H202 is also super effective in oral care?

In fact, H202 can lead to greater gum health, less bleeding of your gums, and a removal of dangerous plaque. (24)

Not only that, but H202 can also lessen the chance of infections spreading through the rest of your mouth and body, and can also reduce the inflammation of your gums. (25)


FUN FACT: H202 removes mucus in your mouth, and remedies gingivitis and cold sores. Enjoy the benefits of a daily ALL-NATURAL ORAL CARE ROUTINE, and feel a HEALTHIER MOUTH TODAY! (26)


H202 benefits the rest of your mouth too, and that's because it eliminates the bacteria that can cause problems around your teeth as well as your gums.

In doing so, H202 also helps whiten your teeth, while keeping mouth odor at bay. (27)

And if you're nervous if your bleeding gums are a potential warning sign for gum disease, H202 can be your key to not only stop the infection of your gums, but also to reverse it. (28)

And as always, speak to a health care professional if you have any questions about your health.


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