Dandruff: What Is It, and How To Get Rid Of It Today!

Your Key To A Flake-Free Winter!


With temperatures dropping, and winter just around the corner, we're all expecting flakes to be falling soon. But for many people, they're seeing a different kind of flaking. The culprit?




Dandruff is a common condition most often affecting the scalp, and one that has for so long confounded dermatologists, hairologists, and cosmeticians alike. (1)

But we now know more than ever about this debilitating skin condition, and there are new secrets on how you can stop the flakes from falling this season.

In this blog we talk about what dandruff is, what causes it, and how to get back to a clean and healthy scalp today!



 Microscopic Sample of Dandruff (Source: 21)


If you suffer from flaking, you're not alone. In fact, 50% of the general adult population worldwide is affected by dandruff. And with fall in full swing, and winter right around the bend, that number is on the rise. (2)

But what many people think they know about dandruff simply isn't true. For example, dandruff is not just dry skin of the scalp.

Actually, it's the opposite. Dandruff is rooted in oil buildup rather than dryness, despite having the same symptoms as dry scalp. (3)


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Another common misconception about dandruff is that it's only a scalp condition.

In addition to affecting your scalp, dandruff can affect your hair, eyebrows, and facial hair.

It can also show up in the form of greasy skin with white or yellow scales on your eyelids, ears, underarms, and chest. (5)

And don't fret if you've had dandruff all your life. Dandruff CAN go away with ALL-NATURAL skincare products and good washing habits. With trial and error, the flaking can go away in just a few weeks. (6)





Even though dandruff is considered a skin condition, it's not usually caused by poor hygiene. Instead, the cause is often out of your control. (7)

Dandruff is really just the result of the skin cells (whether they be on your scalp or beard) growing and dying too quickly. This leads to the falling flakes everyone identifies as dandruff. (8)

And dryness is not the problem in these cases. Many people mistake dandruff for other skin conditions like dry scalp, psoriasis, and the effects of artificial ingredients and chemicals in over-the-counter products. (9)


FUN FACT: The symptoms of dandruff are usually mild, but quality of life consequences can be mentally tolling. Remedying dandruff with ALL-NATURAL skincare products is the best way to achieve your mental and physical best health. (10)


Aside from this harmless, natural cause of dandruff, there is a fungus that can lead to the condition.

Malassezia is a fungus that contributes to dandruff, but there's a catch. Just about everyone with a healthy scalp has this fungus on top of their head, and they don't have dandruff. (11) (12)

Some scientists believe that people with dandruff simply have sensitive immune systems that react differently to this fungus. (13)


Now that we know what dandruff is, let's talk about the many ALL-NATURAL ways you can remedy it!




Despite the debilitating toll dandruff can play, it is a condition that's manageable.

One way to remedy the symptoms of dandruff is by brushing your hair.

Gently brushing your hair twice a day will carry the oil from your scalp, where a buildup of skin cells can lead to dandruff and skin complications. (14)

But remember - don't brush too hard! Brushing hard will lead to harmful friction on your hair, breakage, and dullness, problems you don't want once your dandruff goes away. (15)



Another lesser-known cause of dandruff is stress. (16)

Having stress changes the chemical structure of your body and alters your oil production, which has a direct effect on your scalp health and overall skin health.

This makes having a good night's sleep and managing stress essential for those with dandruff and those looking to prevent it. (17)


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Another natural remedy that's been proven to have effective results in combating dandruff is apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar contains the perfect amount of acidity to stimulate the eradication of dead skin cells from your body. This prevents the buildup of dandruff. (18)

Apple cider vinegar also contains antifungal properties, which can help keep the malassezia fungus from stimulating the growth of dandruff. (19)


For a natural remedy to your flakes and dandruff, try Garner's Garden 100% All-Natural Eczema Relief Spray, which uses the power of apple cider vinegar to restore your acidity level, alleviate inflammation, and relieve skin problems all over your body!




Doctors and scientists alike warn about the potentially hazardous side effects of chemicals and artificial ingredients in over-the-counter shampoos.

In fact, chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and silicone rritate your scalp, cause flake buildup, and lead to unwanted worsening and flareups of dandruff. (20)


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