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All our lives we've been told of the benefits of exercise for our mind, body, and soul. And there are many of them.

Exercise improves your brain health, boosts your immune system, strengthens your muscles, fortifies your bones, and manages your weight. (1)

But did you know that exercise is also important for your skin? In fact, exercise may just be the most important thing you do for your skin each day.

In this blog we discuss the ways exercise improves your skin health, and simple steps you can take to shine brighter and feel your best today!




Your circulatory system AKA cardiovascular system has a lot of work to do. Not only does it contain your heart and blood vessels, but it's also responsible for carrying oxygen and nutrients throughout your body. (2)

Exercise fine tunes your body's circulatory system, enabling more efficient heart health and a better distribution of blood and nutrients throughout your system. (3)

"Sounds great," you may be thinking, "but how does that help my skin?" Well, the answer is this:


Greater blood flow equals greater skin health.


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Our blood flow is dependent upon many different factors, many of which are hard to control. But exercise monitors these processes, and stabilizes the pH balance of your body and skin. (5) (6)

With consistent exercise, your enhanced blood flow will recycle waste and toxins that contribute to aging and inflammation, allowing younger and more radiant skin cells to show off. (6)

Exercise also fortifies your skin, offering you greater protection and defense against environmental pollutants and the sun. (7)




Not only does exercise improve your blood flow, but it also makes you look younger.

This is because exercise produces natural countermeasures to help fight the effects of free radical damage.

One of the ways it does this is through the production of antioxidants.

Exercise increases your body's number of antioxidants, which fight the buildup of oxidative stress and free radical damage, thus enabling you to fend off free radical damage easier than if you were sedentary. (8) (9)


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Activating your body's natural defense against free radicals through exercise helps your healthy skin cells stay healthy, and significantly delays the aging process of your skin. (11)

And this is important because free radicals are everywhere, from the air you breathe to the food you eat.

And they cause more than just wrinkles and premature aging. Free radicals also cause dementia, cancer, heart disease, and, in severe cases, death. (9) (12)

So, if you're looking for the best way to stay young-looking and fend off free-radicals, it's best to start moving today!




Everyone associates exercise with physical fitness, but it's just as important for your mind - and therefore - your skin.

This is because your body is extremely responsive to changes in your psychology and state of mind. And stress is one of the leading causes of these negative changes. (13)

Stress fuels the production of cortisol and other hormones in your body, which directly leads to skin inflammation and itching. (14)

Stress is also a trigger for such skin conditions as psoriasis, eczema, and acne, not to mention all the potential inflammation and irritation that can come from scratching when under anxiety and mental duress. (15)


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So now that we know that stress is bad for your skin, let's talk about how to reduce it.

Exercise lowers the level of cortisol in your body, which therefore lessens skin irritation and inflammation. (17)

And as it reduces your level of cortisol, exercise also stimulates the release of biological substances called endocannabinoids, which reduce anxiety and facilitate a general state of calmness. (18)

Exercise also releases endorphins, which are secret skin-boosting neurotransmitters that boost your mood and decrease inflammation by reducing your urge to scratch when feeling stressed out. (19) (20)




Although you should always check with your doctor, qualified clinician, or health care professional before starting any kind of exercise regimen, here are some recommendations for how to exercise your way to healthier skin.

The World Health Organization, American Heart Association, and CDC all agree that you should exercise either:


  • 150 minutes moderately, five days a week


  • 75 minutes a week intensely, three days a week (21)


And if you're uncertain how to fit this into your day, don't worry. You can do a combination of both moderate and intense exercise, or simply take the stairs or go for a long walk after work to reap some skincare rewards.


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Unfortunately, with the state of the world and your daily list of things to do, maybe you still can't spare those thirty minutes a day. Well, not to worry.

Even 8 minutes of intense exercise or 15 minutes of moderate exercise will make a big difference to your health and give you the skincare boost you want. (22)

And if you're just looking for that endorphin release, most people experience the release of endorphins after 10-30 minutes of exercise. (23)



So now that we know exercise is important for your skin health, let's talk about a few must-haves in your exercise toolkit ...



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