Pollution and Skin: What You Need To Know

Skin Clean? Go Green!


There are many benefits to going green. But did you know that helping the environment may also mean helping your skin?

In fact, new research is showing that the effects of pollution on your skin is much more severe than was previously thought, with effects ranging from acne to dermatitis to chronic skin inflammation. (1)

But don't freak out yet. There ARE ways you can protect your skin from these pesky pollutants, while also doing the environment some good.

In this blog we talk about the effects of pollution on your skin, and ways you can protect your skin from harm today!




If you really think about it, your skin is hit by lot every single day, even if you don't see it.

Many of these skincare hazards were part of the 68 million tons of pollutants produced just last year, and considering we're in contact with the air every second of every day, that's not good news for your skin.  (2)

The reason these pollutants are so dangerous to your skin is because of your pores.

Pores are small openings in your skin designed to release oil and sweat. But unfortunately, they also allow things in. (3)


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Our pores provide an entrance for many of the chemicals in the air to enter our skin and cause us irritation and skin problems.

This is because small particulate matter, or nongaseous pollutants, can become trapped inside your pores, and cause you skin problems for days on end. (5)

Your outer skin being super soft and flexible also leaves you extra vulnerable to these pollutants, and to the long-term health complications that they cause. (6)


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For as long as we've been learning about the environment, we've been taught about the ozone layer, and the effects of its depletion upon global warming.

But what many people don't realize is that ozone, or smog, is actually a natural and man-made gas - and a dangerous one at that - for your skin. (7) (8)

And though ozone is essential for keeping the sun's harmful radiation from aging our skin and burning us when it's in the ozone layer, the gas is dangerous to us at closer levels. (8) (9)


FUN FACT: More than 35 million American workers have ear, nose, and throat irritation when indoors, largely attributed to pollution. Even when staying indoors, it's important to wash your face several times a day with an ALL-NATURAL FACE WASH. (10)


The complications of ozone are usually compared to sun damage, with inflammation being so severe at times that both short and long-term health complications like lung disease and asthma can result from increased and prolonged exposure. (11)

And the skin effects are just as bad. Studies show that ozone depletes your skin's antioxidants, and also causes cellular damage deeper inside your skin's natural layers. (12)

Something else to consider is the chemical effect of your skin's natural oils and ozone. This mixture can cause skin irritation, which is further compounded with increased exposure to ozone. (13)


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The decline of the environment also means something else - less protection from UV radiation, which is definitely not a good thing for your skin.

The two main forms of UV rays not absorbed by the ozone layer - UVA rays and UVB rays - both inflict harm upon you when in contact with your skin. (14)

Unfortunately for your skin, the level of UV exposure has increased steadily over the last thirty years due to the decline in the level of the earth's stratospheric ozone - the natural shield that's supposed to protect us from the sun's harmful rays. (15)


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The reason UV rays are so dangerous to your skin is because the photons comprising them damage your DNA, making you susceptible to long-term health complications like skin cancer and immune dysfunction. (17)

Photoaging - or premature aging due to increased sun exposure - is also attributable to sun damage, which only worsens as a result of ozone depletion. (18)

And considering greenhouse gases are contributing 50 times more warmth than the sun's heat progression, it's more important than ever that you wear sunscreen and protect yourself today. (19)


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More environmental roadblocks to your skin health becoming worse and worse are phthalates.

Phthalates are chemicals, and they're everywhere. In fact, over 20 different types of phthalates are commonly found in the world, with 2 million tonnes of them produced each and every year. (20)

Making matters worse, a recent study has shown that increased exposure to phthalates leads to greater absorption through the skin than through inhalation. (4)


FUN FACT: Phthalates are found in many over-the-counter soaps, shampoos, and other skincare products. Don't put this dangerous chemical on your skin. GO NATURAL, and FEEL THE DIFFERENCE TODAY! (21)


The significant problems phthalates are causing to the environment and your skin health has caused many countries to restrict the use of these dangerous chemicals, but not every country is following suit. (22)

The United States has left the inclusion of phthalates in skincare products largely voluntary and up to manufacturers, which is not good news for you, your skin, or your family's health. (23)

This is because, once absorbed through your skin, phthalates cause endocrine dysfunction, cancer, and hormonal problems that linger far longer than the over-the-counter products causing the damage do. (24)

The best way to ensure your skin health and your family's safety is by choosing ALL-NATURAL for all of your skincare, hair care, and oral care needs.


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