What Is Saliva, and Why Is It So Important?

Salivate Over Better Oral Health Today!


It's true that your body is a well-oiled machine, but what many people don't realize is that your mouth is too. And the fluid that keeps your mouth functioning properly is saliva.

Though often overlooked, saliva is an essential part of a healthy mouth, and is something that you need to keep in mind when choosing the right ORAL CARE PRODUCTS.

That's because new research is showing that certain chemicals in oral care products can lower your saliva's pH, and end up harming your teeth. (1)

But don't worry. There are ALL-NATURAL ALTERNATIVES out there that will leave you with a brighter smile, healthier teeth, and plenty of saliva ready to keep your mouth healthy each and every day.

In this oral care blog we talk about what saliva is, why it's important, and the best way to to achieve BETTER ORAL HEALTH TODAY!




The first thing to know about saliva is that it's 98% water. This makes sense, considering most of your body is water anyway, and saliva is much like your body's own natural water.

The other two percent of saliva is also super important, and that's because it's made of minerals, proteins, electrolytes, and enzymes that provide your mouth with the moisture it needs. (2)

And your body really needs this moisture. In fact, you produce around 1-2 liters of saliva every single day, which is essential for your overall health and well being. (3)


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As mentioned before, the other ingredients that make up saliva are not just important for your oral health, but for your overall bodily health as well.

That's because the compounds in your saliva (including important digestive enzymes) assist with the breakdown of food and the swallowing of that food. (5)

In fact, saliva is so important that it's affecting your health every minute of every day, helping to defend you against bacteria by covering your teeth with a thin, filmy, protective layer. (6)


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Though saliva is important for your entire body, believe it or not, it's actually mostly produced by your major salivary glands, which are made up of three pairs - the submandibular glands, sublingual glands, and parotid glands.

Once your salivary glands produce your saliva, they pour it into your mouth through these special openings called ducts, enabling them to do their job of keeping the processes in your mouth running smoothly. (7)

If you're wondering where these important glands are, your salivary glands can be found at the base of your mouth, in your cheeks, and by your jaw bone, near your front teeth. (8)


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Though they may not be as large as your major salivary glands, your minor salivary glands can be found throughout your mouth, including your palate, lips, roof of your mouth, cheeks, and tongue.

Unfortunately, these glands need to be monitored, as problems with your glands can develop into serious complications for your overall bodily health when overlooked. (10)

One great way to ensure your salivary glands are better protected is by drinking plenty of fluids every day, and by doing your best to stave off dehydration. (11)


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One great way to think of saliva is by considering the way you eat. Basically, your tongue and teeth break down the food you chew, and your saliva is the fluid that makes this food chemically suitable for your belly.

In fact, saliva is essential in breaking down carbohydrates, which is an integral part of healthy and proper digestive processes. (12)

Another important function of saliva is that it moisturizes the inside of your mouth, facilitating your speech and aiding in the breakdown and swallowing of your food. (13)


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When talking about the magic saliva works in your digestive process, we need to talk about some awesome enzymes that assist in the digestion of the starches in your food.

Amylase turns starches into sugar, enabling easier absorption of these complex carbs, and the enzyme lingual lipase deconstructs fats - critical parts of your digestive process. (15)

And believe it or not, there are tissues inside your mouth that are essential in vocalizing all those amazing things you say. Having enough saliva helps you speak, and for your words to come out clearer. (16)


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One of the unknown benefits of saliva is what it does to assist your teeth. As a matter of fact, even the digestive properties of saliva help your teeth by washing away food particles that cause cavities.

Saliva also prevents tooth decay by getting rid of bacteria that can create acids that break down enamel, as this bacteria feeds off the food saliva rinses away. (17)

Not only that, but the mucus inside saliva - around .5% of its composition - also protects you against pathogens that can harm your microbiome, protecting your teeth more than people ever thought. (18)


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In addition to protecting your teeth, saliva also helps to protect your mouth against diseases of your gums by preventing lengthy acid attacks inside your mouth - the same attacks that cause cavities.

Saliva also does a great job of maintaining a healthy pH inside your mouth, and by preventing food debris from wreaking havoc in and around your mouth area. (20)

Additionally, saliva remineralizes your teeth, boosting the surface of your teeth with large amounts of phosphate, calcium, and fluoride ions. (21)


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Now that we know how important saliva is, we need to talk about what to do when you're running a little bit dry. And thankfully, there are ways to boost your saliva production.

One way to keep your saliva level high is to stay away from alcohol-based mouthwashes. Alcohol is drying, and should be avoided for those with dry mouth. (22)

And the obvious answer is to simply drink more water, which boosts saliva. A great way to steadily stay hydrated is by drinking small amounts of water throughout the day, which won't upset acid ratios in your mouth. Some may need to drink even more, though. (23)


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To help stave off dry mouth, it's important to watch what else you're putting inside your mouth. This includes watching your coffee and tea intake, as caffeine can contribute to dry mouth.

It's also important to follow a healthy ORAL CARE ROUTINE, which includes regular BRUSHING and flossing, which can help remove plaque. (25)

And finally, it's important that the ORAL CARE PRODUCTS you do use boost your teeth with essential minerals, which will help reduce the chances of your teeth decaying and of your enamel eroding. (26)


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